We’ve turned training on it’s head. Our blended learning approach is the first of its kind. Training courses are delivered in complementary ways including e-learning, mobile learning and face-to-face training courses. Importantly, your team gain the fundamental knowledge outside the training room. Learning is then advanced through facilitation and skills development in the training room. Discover how we deliver knowledge, facilitate skills improvement and measure results with our unique approach. When did you last invest in your managementleadership or marketing skills? Research suggests that those organisations which invest in training experience better growth and competitiveness.  Additionally, a training course may be delivered using standard materials or be tailored to meet the training needs of the organisation. Those who wish to receive the most customised training day can opt for a bespoke training course.


We’ve grown tired of courses that lack value. All our training courses are designed to deliver everything you need to know – and nothing you don’t. We take the essential core of each subject and transfer this learning to your employees via blended learning – using e-learning, in-house classroom courses and mobile ‘bite-sized’ follow up.
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With knowledge delivered online, learners grasp the fundamentals of each subject in their own time. Our video tutorials deliver everything your employee needs to know in one hour. Quizzes test the learners understanding of key points. As you’d expect, all learning is mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Video Tutorials
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quizzes Test Learning

We’ve flipped learning on it’s head. With knowledge acquired online, learners devote classroom activities to improving skills. Learning activities and expert facilitation help your team to apply their knowledge whilst improving their skills.
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Training Activities
  • Role Plays

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As a training professional, you know the value of learning retention. With your team equipped with new skills they’ll need to refer to their learning back in the workplace. Thankfully, Train In A Day Training have a solution. Each of your learners receive bite-size video reminders of each core model and technique. Your team will have full mobile and tablet access to their training videos to aid them post-learning.


We know that continual professional development is important to your professional progression. We also know that documentary evidence is required for your CPD records whether it be your internal training program, CIPD or CIM. Whoever you gain your CPD through, with our blended learning you’ll receive automatic certification of your learning hours.

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management & leadership courses imageFocused on people management skills, employees who pursue a plan of skills development usually do this as part of a well-defined management development program. During this program, the learner will receive training interventions to improve their skills in the areas identified in their training needs analysis or performance reviews. Now, a training manager can outsource such training with a bespoke blended learning solution.
Train In A Day deliver a balance of e-learning management training modules and in-house skills improvement facilitation. Management courses delivered currently include: Introduction To ManagementCommunication SkillsAssertiveness & Confidence CourseConflict Management, and Employee Motivation Training

Whereas management focuses on the management of tasks, leadership will focus on inspiring and engaging individuals. Similarly, those looking to improve their leadership skills may be enrolled into a leadership development training program. Are leaders born or made? That is a common question. We firmly believe that any individual with the inclination and motivation can learn to lead. To help them we have created some great leadership courses.
We can deliver these online or take a blended learning approach incorporating in-house facilitation of leadership skills improvement. Leadership courses we currently facilitate cover: Leadership Skills Courses, Teamwork Course, Coaching Course and Negotiation Skills 


Whereas the above skills are focused on people, our marketing training courses are focused on customer acquisition. Marketing is a wide subject area and marketers need to keep ahead of the continuous changes. Technology places a major part but the basics of marketing principles still apply. Are you a marketing director, marketing manager or executive? We have a training course for you. Current marketing courses we deliver include: Basic Marketing Course, Advanced Marketing Course, Brand Training. These marketing courses are delivered by Carl Duncker, our marketing trainer and marketing consultant.

image of marketing training courseAs technology plays an ever increasing influence in our lives, marketers need to master the science of digital marketing to influence and attract customers. Now an established marketing field, digital marketing and social media offer marketers cost-effective tools and techniques to acquire customers. No longer a luxurious add-on, today’s marketers need to be proficient in LinkedIn, Facebook, SEO, Twitter and an ever growing number of ‘must-have’ digital marketing platforms.

Digital marketing courses we can deliver to your marketing team include: Google SEO: Beginners Google and SEO: Advanced Social Media Marketing


Instead of creating just another training company, we first sought out the top learning and development practitioners to share their expertise on delivering exceptional learning. We then took their advice and built it into the heart of our training model.
  • Marketing Trainer Carl Duncker
  • Management Trainer Caleb Storkey
  • Leadership Trainer Helen Hinds
Whether you are looking for a short training course or a facilitated in-house training day – we can help. Our blended learning includes e-learning for acquiring knowledge and expert facilitators to develop skills. Contact a training consultant and let’s see how we can learn together.

Development Programs


Per Company
  • Video Tutorials
  • Face-to-Face Coaching
  • Course Documentation
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Travel Included
  • Mobile Learning
  • Branded LMS
  • Multiple Marketing Courses
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