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Management Training Resources includes…

Please take a look at the samples of training materials we use across our management and leadership training portfolio. There are a variety of sample videos, activities and mind maps. If you like, please share…

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

If you are in need of an external trainer for an assertiveness or a confidence training day feel free to consider our one-day assertiveness and confidence course. In the meantime, feel free to use any of our sample training resources…



Here are a selection of bite-sized training slides on assertiveness and self-confidence:


Four Styles of Personality

Training videos on workshop objectives for Assertiveness and Self-Confidence


What is Self-Confidence? Training Video


The following practical exercises are taken from our training workshop on assertiveness and self-confidence:

Assertiveness Training: Stand Up For Yourself

Confidence Course:_What Is Self-Confidence?

A visual synopsis of the salient points on the assertiveness training course.

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Mind Map



The above are sample training interventions from our assertiveness and confidence course.

Conflict Management

Looking for an external trainer to facilitate your conflict management training day? Take a look at our conflict management course and feel free to send us your requirements. Otherwise, we encourage you to browse our conflict management training resources here:



Take a look at some samples of slides from the conflict management course here:

Workshop Objectives for Conflict Management:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution:


This video shares the learning objectives for the conflict management and resolution training course:


Followed by a training video on an introduction to conflict management:


Here is a training intervention from our management course on resolving conflict

What Is Conflict?

A visual mind map on the fundamentals of conflict management and resolution.

Conflict Management Training Mind Map



The above are a section of training resources from the training course on conflict management and resolution.

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