How To Improve Your Training Provider

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FREE: Guide To Improving Your Training Provider

Launching Monday 9th September, this long anticipated guide to getting more from your training provider will be released in 7 key sections:

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improve your training provider

1. Define Your Training Needs

2. Searching For Training Providers

3. Solicit Proposals

4. Evaluate Proposals

5. Further Exploration

6. Internal Launch

7. Evaluating Progress

How Do You Increase Training Return on Investment?

Employee development and training are crucial elements in the operation of all businesses, who are increasingly turning to external providers to meet their training needs.

Yet in these current times of economic difficulty, when companies cannot afford to waste a penny on ineffective training, how can you be sure that your provider is giving you the high return on investment that you need?

Whether you are a training manager or with responsibility for HR, this FREE Guide To Managing Training Company Selection will provide you with tips and techniques to increase your training return on investment.

What This Guide Will Do For Training Managers

If you’re a training manager, then this white paper could be your answer to this dilemma and help
to minimise the risk of outsourcing part or all of your training. So read on to discover how to find
the most suitable and trustworthy training provider for your business…

Remember, part of How To Improve Your Training Provider launches on Monday 9th September.


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