Raise Your Team’s Effectiveness with In-house Training

Develop Highly Effective Managers and Leaders. We come to you. Short inhouse training courses in Management and Leadership

Build Highly Productive Teams. Train in a Day helps smart firms boost productivity with efficient, cost-effective short in-house  training courses.


Join hundreds of UK businesses who hire Train in a Day to improve management skills.

Why Inhouse Training from Train In A Day?

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To help participants prepare for your inhouse training day, we despatch pre-learning materials to raise participants’ knowledge of the management or leadership skills they will be exploring and to prepare them for their training day.

In-house training course

Lower your training expenditure and raise your ROI with our efficient and  cost-effective in-house training course. Promote teamwork, build high-performing teams and improve productivity as you develop highly-skilled managers inside your organisation.

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Post-learning support

All participants gain access to our unique library of management and leadership videos via our post-learning app. Our library of core videos and summaries bring techniques and tips to your employees at the touch of their screen, promoting learning retention and improving your return on investment.

“This was the most engaging course I’ve ever experienced!”

Senior Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

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Courses Delivered via Inhouse Training

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Complete range of inhouse training courses delivered at your offices.

Inhouse Courses

  • Introduction to Management
  • Team Management Courses
  • Communication Skills


Looking for inhouse leadership training? Get quotes on inhouse training courses delivered onsite.

In house training

  • Leadership Skills
  • Employee Engagement
  • Coaching Skills

inhouse leadership training

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In house Training Benefits

If multiple people within your organisation have the same learning needs, in-house training is likely to be the most effective training option as it will enable the maximum amount of employees to engage in training at the lowest possible cost. Your organisation will supply the venue, equipment and trainees – we’ll then send one of our qualified trainers to your organisation to teach the course on your premises and on your terms. All of which means you can enjoy lower costs and increased flexibility.

Having Train in a Day facilitate a staff training course inhouse has a number of benefits to your organisation; benefits that are both financial and practical. As an in-house training provider we help you…

  • Lower cost: It is often more cost effective to have courses delivered at venues of your choice rather than you and your staff having to travel to another site.
  • No need to worry about travel arrangements: As an in-house training company, we handle travel and accommodation issues rather than your staff, freeing them up to enjoy the course.
  • Trainers talk your language: In order to make training relevant to your staff, we use examples and illustrations from your business sector and cut out the jargon to encourage easier learning.
  • Team building: The cost savings associated with in-house training usually mean that more of your staff can participate on a course, which in turn means that in-house courses can enjoy a positive atmosphere. In fact, engaging in training as a group and undertaking activities and discussions together can also serve as a team-building exercise, strengthening the bonds between your employees and improving morale.

The combination of all of the above means that your organisation can enjoy the maximum return on your training and development investment with Train in a Day’s onsite training courses.

All of Train in a Day’s one-day training programs can be delivered by our qualified trainers in-house at a location of your choosing. To find the course or courses that would best fulfil your needs, have a browse through the different courses and sample material to find the ones that are right for you. Details on pricing can also be found on the course description pages.

For more information about inhouse training courses, feel free to contact us directly.

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How Does Your Inhouse Training Work?

We deliver your management training program in three unique stages. As well as the classroom training day, all learners receive pre-learning online plus post-learning reminders on their mobile phones.

1. Pre-learning – theories and introductions to prepare you for the main event

2. Classroom training – a full in house training day full of activities, role plays and team building games. Your facilitator will run the day, facilitate discussion and deliver your training, on your premises.

3. Post-learning – following your training day, you’ll have mobile access to a wealth of management videos, all in a bite-sized 60 seconds format, to act as reminders when you need them most.

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In-house Management Courses

In-house Leadership Training


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