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Boost Your Team’s Productivity with In-house Courses. Train in a Day develop your team members by promoting improved productivity with effective and efficient training courses.

Inhouse Courses include Basic Management Skills, Leadership Skills, Effective Communication, Team-building and Coaching Others. Get an Instant Quote for Inhouse Courses Now 


Join hundreds of managers who have raised their productivity with inhouse training courses from Train in a Day.

Inhouse Management and Leadership Courses

Would you benefit from building a highly-productive, effective and professional management teams?

Too often, we promote effective workers to positions of management and leadership without the required training and development to support them. However, many key management skill requirements can be acquired quickly and cost-effectively.

introduction management inhouse courses

Basic Management

Managers learn how to deliver feedback, manage challenging conversations, boost productivity through delegation and other key management skills. This introduction to management training is for teams of newly-promoted managers and employees who are yet to receive formal management training.

Inhouse Communication Skills

Your team will practice communicating their message effectively, explore communication styles, and how to deliver messages with influence. This inhouse communication skills course, will develop employees’ communication skills and enable them to deliver effective communication to others.

inhouse courses in communication
inhouse courses in teamwork

Teamwork Courses

Your employees and managers will discover the benefits of effective teamwork, learn new skills in how to manage teams, be able to explain how teams evolve, and introduce problem-solving to drive productivity improvements. Leaders and employees of all levels will benefit from this inhouse teamwork course.

“An interesting and stimulating day! Thank you- I really enjoyed it.”

Head of Midwifery, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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Inhouse Development Programs

What support do you offer alongside your inhouse courses?

We want your employees to receive maximum benefit from their in-house training course. Learning and development practitioners confirm that pre-learning and post-training course support promotes learning retention and maximises the impact of on-site training.

pre training course


Your employees will be asked to complete pre-course management activities and self-assessments in preparation for your inhouse course. Taking no more than 1 hour, these pre-course materials help managers arrive with the required mindset and help them understand their own management traits.

In-house Course

Reduce your in-house course cost, whilst increasing your training ROI, with dynamic and high-impact in-house courses. Boost your employees productivity, develop high-performing teams and improve employee engagement as you nurture your management teams.

management and leadership courses
post-course support

Post-course support

Each of your employees will receive complimentary access to our unique training app filled with management and leadership videos. This comprehensive library of training course videos and tips bring your post-learning support to life, promoting learning retention and improving your return on investment.


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Range of Inhouse Courses

Train in a Day delivers a core range of in-house management and leadership courses across the key managerial disciplines. Examples of the courses offered in our in-house courses include…