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Develop Your Leaders and Increase the Productivity of Your Teams. Train in a Day builds the leadership skills of your employees and raises the productivity of your teams with cost-effective, professional in-house leadership courses.

Courses include Introduction to Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Coaching Skills. Get an instant Inhouse Leadership Training Quote Now 


Join hundreds of aspiring leaders who have built and improved their leadership abilities with leadership training with Train in a Day.

Inhouse Leadership Development Courses

Are you looking to release the leadership potential of your employees?

Within the UK, research has shown that many employees fail to receive sufficient training in leadership skills. Such under-investment leaves potential locked within talented individuals and prevents improvements in team performance. Thankfully, many core leadership skills can be acquired quickly and cost-effectively through suitable training and development.

inhouse leadership course

Essential Leadership

Your team will explore different leadership styles and discover their default leadership approach solving problems. They’ll explore what good leadership looks like, how to motivate members of their team and coach them to higher performance. This leadership course is for all employees who aspire to lead a team.

Employee Engagement

Your leaders will learn how to improve employee engagement and develop employees’ sense of pride, explore and develop the steps necessary to enhance engagement with team members and clarify their role in building engagement across their team.

inhouse employee engagement training
inhouse coaching skills course

Coaching Skills

Your leaders and managers will develop the core skills necessary to coach team members and develop them as productive employees. Participants will explore basics of coaching and develop a structured coaching session that facilitates  effective coaching session back in the workplace.

“Exceptionally good at getting the issues across. Amazing ability to hold delegates

Manager, Ultrasound


management trainer

Lois is your leadership coach and class trainer for these inhouse leadership courses.  Lois facilitates our inhouse leadership training courses with existing clients commenting on Lois’ ability to lead groups effectively and to deliver training which engages your teams.

Additionally, Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, DiSC and situational leadership. Lois brings her vast experience and group training skills to these management training courses.

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Leadership Development Programs

What pre-learning and post-learning support can you provide?

You’ll want your leaders to maximise the benefits of attending inhouse leadership courses. Research has confirmed that learners acquire and retain learning when pre and post-training is included within a development program.

pre leadership course learning


Your leaders will be invited to view a video introduction to leadership and complete a self-assessment activity. Taking no more than one hour, such pre-learning encourages learners to reflect on leadership as a discipline aiding their participation in the leadership training day.

On-site training

Develop your employees’ leadership skills quickly and cost-effectively with an in-house leadership training course. Explore their leadership skills, build engagement, raise motivation, and learn how to coach employees to achieve even more.

in-house leadership event
post-learning mobile support

Post-training support

Your leaders will depart with 24/7 access to our library of training videos. Each offering 60-second recaps across the full suite of leadership and management disciplines, they will find this training resource useful as they practice their skills in the workplace.


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