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Raise the Productivity of Your Team. Train in a Day develops managers by driving improved performance with effective, enjoyable inhouse management training.

Courses include Introduction to Management, Communication Skills, Working in Teams. Get an Inhouse Management Training Quotation Now 


Follow hundreds of managers who have developed their skills with a management course from Train in a Day.

Inhouse Management Development Training

Are you looking to build highly-productive, effective and professional management teams?

Research confirms that many managers lack the training and support necessary to be manage successfully. Thankfully, many of the core management skills can be learned quickly and cost-effectively.

basic inhouse management training

Essential Management

Managers learn how to deliver feedback effectively, handle difficult conversations, delegate to improve productivity and explore numerous common management challenges. This essential management training is suitable for teams of both newly-promoted managers and those managers who are yet to receive formal management training.

Communication Skills

Managers practice how to communicate their intended message effectively, explore different communication styles, and how to convey their message persuasively. This communication skills for managers course, equips participants with the soft skills required to deliver appropriate communication to members of their team.

inhouse management training program
in house team management course

Teamwork Training

Your managers will explore the benefits of teamwork, build skills to manage teams effectively, understand how teams evolve, and solve problems in order to drive improvements in productivity. Managers of all levels, both new and experienced, will benefit from this inhouse teamwork training day.

“An interesting and stimulating day! Thank you- I really enjoyed it.”

Head of Midwifery, Stoke Mandeville Hospital


management trainer

Lois is your management trainer and coach for this portfolio of management courses.  Lois facilitates our inhouse management training courses with existing clients commenting on Lois’ ability to manage groups effectively and to deliver training with engages employees.

Additionally, Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, DiSC and situational leadership. Lois brings her vast experience and group training skills to these management training courses.

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Management Development Programs

What learning and support do you offer around the in house management training day?

We want your managers to get maximum impact from their training day. Research shows that an element of pre-learning and post-training support will maximise the impact of a classroom session and help learning retention.

pre management training day


Your managers will complete a small number of management videos and self-assessments in preparation for their inhouse management course. These take no more than 1 hour and help participants understand management concepts and their own abilities or styles in order to best prepare them for their classroom training course.

In-house training course

Lower your training expenditure and raise your ROI with our efficientand  cost-effective in-house training course. Promote teamwork, build high-performing teams and improve productivity as you develop highly-skilled managers inside your organisation.

management and leadership training day
post-training support image

Post-learning support

All participants gain access to our unique library of management and leadership videos via our post-learning app. Our library of core videos and summaries bring techniques and tips to your employees at the touch of their screen, promoting learning retention and improving your return on investment.


Train in a Day offer a variety of one-day inhouse management training courses. These courses can span just one working day and are delivered at a location of your choosing, making them highly flexible and sensitive to your organisation’s needs. Train in a Day’s in-house management training courses have a number of advantages over other forms of training, which can make them highly beneficial experiences for your company’s staff…

  • Cost-effective in house training
  • Work on your unique management skills gaps
  • Flexibility
  • Expert training practitioners

In-house training can be very cost-effective when compared with other training options, such as open courses. Open courses are external courses that are run at specialist training centres, and will typically be attended by a number of learners from other organisations. With Train in a Day’s inhouse management courses costing from just £995, if three or more of your staff need management training then an in-house course could be a cost-effective option.

Having a management course delivered in-house allows staff the opportunity to reflect upon problems and issues that are relevant to them, and to directly address their own skills gaps. This focused and specific approach to training wouldn’t be possible in an open course, but with in-house management training, staff are guaranteed to learn practical management skills and techniques that they will be able to take with them and apply to their workplace.

With managers away from their usual daily work routine, in-house management training can provide an opportunity for course participants to take a step back and look at their work situation objectively, which in turn may bring to light a number of issues or possibilities that may not have been noticed previously. The flexible structure of Train in a Day’s in-house management courses allow course participants the freedom to go “off agenda” and discuss with the course facilitator any relevant topics that may not be explicitly covered on the course. This level of freedom and degree of insight would not necessarily be available on an external open course, and ensures that learners glean actionable insights into relevant issues from participating in an in-house management training course.

Train in a Day’s in-house management training is facilitated by certified Myers-Briggs practitioner Helen Hinds. As a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Helen is in high-demand for her management training, which she delivers with energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Participants on in-house management training seminars are sure to benefit from her wealth of experience and depth of expertise.

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Portfolio of In-house Management Courses

Train in a Day has an impressive portfolio of in-house management courses that cover a range of key managerial issues. Examples of the themes covered in these in-house management training courses include…

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