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Train in a Day provide one day in-house marketing training courses. These can be delivered at a location of your choosing, giving you a greater degree of flexibility and control. There are a number of key factors that make Train in a Day’s in-house marketing courses an attractive and worthwhile investment for your organisation. These include practical and financial concerns, and various training benefits…

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Having Train in a Day deliver an in-house marketing training seminar can be very cost-effective, particularly compared with open course options.

Open courses are training days that are run externally at specialist training centres, and will typically be attended by a range of learners from other organisations.

Train in a Day’s open courses cost £345 per person, making them ideal if one or two people from your organisation require training. However with Train in a Day’s in-house marketing courses, if three or more of your staff need training then an in-house course would be a much more cost effective option.

For a FREE marketing training proposal simply send us your requirement in the contact form below and we’ll get right back to you with some suggestions. Our training is flexible and focused on the needs of you and your marketing team.

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Engaging in in-house marketing training allows staff the opportunity to seek solutions to real world problems and challenges that they face in their workplace. Course participants can learn practical skills and solutions that they can take with them. This in turn will have a positive impact upon worker morale and productivity.

Having staff take a day out from their regular work routine to engage in marketing training can be a valuable opportunity to take a step back and evaluate workplace issues objectively. This can mean that over the day a number of hitherto unforeseen problems or possibilities can come to light. All of Train in a Day’s in-house marketing courses are structured in a flexible way. You will find time to discuss all of these new thoughts, ideas and possibilities as and when they arise, ensuring that staff return to work with fresh perspectives on their roles.

Carl Duncker - inhouse marketing trainerPlus… training delivered by a Chartered Marketer

All of Train in a Day’s inhouse marketing training courses are facilitated by Carl Duncker MCIM. As a Chartered Marketer, Carl has over 15 years of marketing experience, having delivered courses to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and public sector managers. With an impressive portfolio of marketing courses, your staff are guaranteed to benefit from Carl’s wealth of experience and unique insight.

Which Marketing Training Course?

Train in a Day has an extensive portfolio of in-house marketing training courses that cover a wide variety of topics, including:

Want to find out more about marketing training?

All of the above factors – coupled with the fact that in-house courses are accessed exclusively by your staff, giving training days an engaging team-building feel – add up to in-house marketing courses being highly beneficial training interventions for any company. If your organisation wants to find out more about Train in a Day’s in-house marketing courses, fill in the enquiry form to the right…


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