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Discover How To Be An Inspirational Leader, How To Coach Others To Success, Negotiate Successfully and Build Highly Successful Teams on These Leadership Training Courses


Leadership skills training courses are designed to teach new, practical leadership skills and techniques to your organisation’s employees. Train In A Day offer a number of one-day leadership courses designed to empower you and your team, enabling individuals to work more effectively in their leadership role. We go beyond simple theory, our innovative approach to blended learning means you can receive both knowledge of leadership principles supported by skills development with a trained facilitator. Our core portfolio of leadership courses includes…


Discover How To Master Situational Leadership, Inspire A Vision, Encourage Growth In Others, And Influence Others On This Leadership Skills Training. This leadership course, for managers and supervisors, will benefit those looking to develop their leadership skills in the workplace.
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Develop your Leadership Skills



Discover The Importance Of Teamwork, How To Work Effectively In Teams, The Evolution Of High-Performing Teams, and How To Overcome Obstacles On This Teamwork Training Course. This teamwork training is aimed at all levels of management with responsibility for team development who are wanting to develop their team leadership skills.
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Discover How To Coach Others, Master The G.R.O.W. Model, Develop Your Coaching Style And Overcome Obstacles To Growth On This Coaching Course. This coaching and mentoring training is suited to current managers and leaders who are seeking to coach and empower those they lead.
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Discover How To Negotiate, Develop Bargaining Techniques, Identify Strategies For Mutual Gain, Overcome Difficulties And Seek Mutual Gain On This Negotiation Skills Course. This negotiating skills training will benefit those keen to apply successful negotiating techniques in both the workplace and beyond.
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More than any of the other forces at work within your organisation, leaders will have the greatest impact upon employees and play a key role in shaping the culture of your company. Evidence suggests that leadership training will increase the job satisfaction of all members of staff, not just those in managerial positions, thereby generating a higher level of commitment from your workforce.

There are many others areas of organisational life that will benefit from having staff undertake a one-day leadership course, including:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Respect and attitudes
  • Productivity
  • Team collaboration
  • Profitability
  • Customer satisfaction

Train In A Day Training offers a range of courses, each focusing on one particular facet of leadership. Examples of the kinds of courses we deliver include:

As with all courses offered by Train In A Day Training, our one-day leadership courses can be delivered via a number of methods, meaning that your organisation can be sure to receive training in a way that is most convenient and most relevant to you. Here are just a few examples of the delivery methods we offer:

  • Classroom style courses
  • Online leadership courses

Continuing professional development (CPD) is highly important in any field; in order to stay ahead of the competition and maximise employee potential, it is vital that staff regularly receive training to enhance their skills and abilities. In recognition of this, all those who complete a Train In A Day course will be awarded a certificate demonstrating that they have undertaken a session of CPD. 


Helen Hinds
Caleb Storkey
  • leadership coach
  • Leadership Course Trainer
Helen Hinds MCIPD is a renowned leadership coach. Worldwide, Helen has an enviable portfolio of training clients across commercial and public sector organisations. Clients testify that Helen has a charismatic and engaging delivery style that incorporates real world training activities and role-plays. Helen is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and brings a wealth of experience to your leadership training day.
Caleb Storkey facilitates both business owners and leaders from both private and not-for-profit organisations. Caleb is a high-energy leader who will bring the best out of your employees. As well as working with individuals as a coach, Caleb has a track record of delivering results by facilitating clear thinking and generating real action. Your team will be enthused by the contribution Caleb delivers in these leadership and management training courses.
Our proven approach to blended learning begins with video learning to impart the core knowledge on each leadership topic. Following this, you can enhance skills with a leadership skills development seminar. Lasting 6 hours, the entire day’s content is led by a trained facilitator whose sole objective is to develop the leadership skills of each participant – whether it be through role plays, games, problem-solving or any relevant training intervention.  Contact a leadership training course consultant and let’s explore how we can develop the leadership skills of your team.


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