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Discover How To Masters The Fundamentals of Marketing, Formulate A Marketing Strategy, Manage Your Brand, Deliver A Social Media Marketing Campaign And Take Control Of Your Marketing Tactics On These Marketing Training Courses


Interested in undertaking a one-day marketing course? Train In A Day Training specialises in delivering  marketing training courses that cover the key elements of marketing. Affordable yet delivering the best in marketing practice from well-respected marketing trainers and facilitators, these one day marketing courses build your skills and grow your business.

Our current portfolio of marketing training courses includes…


Discover What Marketing Is, How To Grow Business, Position Your Company Correctly and Great Marketing Promotional Techniques. This Basic Marketing Course is perfect for those new to marketing and marketing teams looking to brush up on fundamental marketing techniques…
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 Discover How To Maximise Profits From Market Segments, Position Persuasive Offers To Your Marketplace, Grow Business With New And Existing Customers And Create Strong Brand Identities. This Advanced Marketing Course is suitable for those marketing professionals with a strong grasp of marketing tactics but who are looking to pursue a strategic marketing approach to their business…
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Discover What Brand Marketing Is, Why Branding Is More Than A Logo, Tools To Develop Your Brands, How To Create Your Branding Campaign, Strategies For Branding, and How To Exploit Your Brands For Growth. This Brand Marketing Course is aimed at current marketing managers and executives who need an introduction to brand marketing and how to grow brands successfully…
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Our marketing courses give participants the opportunity to learn about new, contemporary marketing techniques and enhance their current marketing skills. Courses last just one working day, thus affording participants a much greater degree of flexibility compared with other courses that span several sessions.

By undertaking any of Train In A Day’s in-house marketing courses your company and staff should enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved employee esteem due to increased specialist knowledge
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased sales

These benefits, coupled with the inherent flexibility of one-day marketing courses, add up to Train In A Day’s courses being an attractive prospect for any organisation.

With an increasingly changing corporate world, coupled with advances in technology, social media, regulations and legislation, it has never been more vital for organisations to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of marketing. Failure to train staff in how to implement the latest marketing techniques runs the risk of allowing your company to fall behind the competition, giving rival firms a competitive edge that enables them to steal current and potential customers. It is therefore vital for any commercial organisation to engage in regular marketing training to sharpen their competitive edge, and increase revenues.

Furthermore, undertaking a marketing day ensures that there are no gaps whatsoever in a company’s collective knowledge of marketing – this is particularly important as many marketing practitioners have a tendency to rely upon self-taught or even instinctual knowledge, thus missing out on more specialist marketing skills.

The marketing and social media courses provided by Train In A Day Training offer a large amount of flexibility in terms of delivery methods, so that an organisation wishing to undertake a course will be able to choose how and when training is undertaken, meaning that the course will always meet the business’s needs. Marketing courses are offered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Video tutorials
  • In-house marketing training seminars


Whereas the above skills are focused on people, our marketing training courses are focused on customer acquisition. Marketing is a wide subject area and marketers need to keep ahead of the continuous changes. Technology plays a major part but the basics of marketing principles still apply. Are you a marketing director, marketing manager or executive? If so we have a training course for you. The current marketing courses we deliver include: Basic Marketing Course, Advanced Marketing Course, Brand Training. These marketing courses are delivered by Carl Duncker, our marketing trainer and marketing consultant.

image of marketing training courseAs technology has an ever-increasing influence on our lives, marketers need to master the science of digital marketing to influence and attract customers. Now an established marketing field, digital marketing and social media offer marketers cost-effective tools and techniques to acquire customers. No longer a luxurious add-on, today’s marketers need to be proficient in LinkedIn, Facebook, SEO, Twitter and an ever-growing number of ‘must-have’ digital marketing platforms.

The digital marketing courses we can deliver to your marketing team include: Google SEO: Beginners Google and SEO: Advanced Social Media Marketing.

Carl Duncker - inhouse marketing trainer

marketing trainer

Your Marketing Course Trainer

Carl Duncker is a sought-after marketing trainer and consultant. Our training clients state that they appreciate Carl’s no nonsense style and straight-forward approach to marketing. When you choose a marketing workshop with traininaday, you gain access to Carl’s vast portfolio of knowledge and case studies to help you overcome your marketing challenges.

Carl Duncker is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and practices both traditional marketing and digital marketing principles.

Unlike other disciplines, it can be difficult to find an accomplished marketing trainer. Carl is both CEO and the head of marketing training so you receive the best of care when you choose Train In A Day for your marketing training.

Our unique approach to blended learning starts with video training. Marketing practitioners must invest in their marketing skills if they are to stay ahead of their competitors. If you would like to enhance your marketing skills we can help. Marketing training videos take you through the essential principles in marketing. Additionally, our learning is supported by the opportunity to problem-solve your marketing and business challenges in the classroom with a marketing trainer. Lasting 6 hours, your day is facilitated by an experienced marketing trainer whose only objective is to develop your marketing skills – whether it be through case studies, problem-solving or any suitable training intervention.  Contact a training consultant and let’s see how we can progress your skills together.


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