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This article aims to provide you with the knowledge to start a simple marketing campaign for the first time, or to give you a reminder on the simple things you have to get right before you can expand your businesses marketing strategies.

Marketing is defined as the action of promoting and selling products or services, including things such as market research and advertising. Whether you are looking to start a business or you own an already successful one, raising awareness among potential customers should be an ongoing process. However, it can be a hard thing to get right and here are some things to know about marketing.

image for marketing coursesAlthough there are many different types of marketing, in these modern times the majority of businesses promote themselves through the internet. The vast majority of businesses have their own website, and if this is an area you are looking to explore, then one of the most important things to remember is that you need to grab the attention of anyone visiting your website. Although it may seem unfair, people visiting your website will immediately judge your business on the page in front of them, so you must make sure it is an advertising technique you are proud to show off, and you do not just have a website for the sake of it.

A crucial thing to keep in mind when marketing, especially if you are a small company, is to have a very specific target market and constantly refer to it throughout your marketing campaign. In order to maximise sales and profits, match elements of your products to key characteristics of people most likely to use your product or service. Then, make your advertising appealing to them.

Finally, from the moment you start a business and the marketing process that comes with it, you have to know what makes you stand out from the competitors. How are you different? What will you offer people that other, already running businesses cannot? If you have clear answers to these questions from the beginning then it will give you a focal point to base your whole marketing campaign around, something to sell yourself with.

If you are looking for a stronger marketing strategy for your business built around these basics, then here are some places to look for more information on the topic or find someone who can improve things for you:

  • Laura Lake writes about marketing basics for small businesses on
  • Huw Johns is an independent marketing advisor who can help businesses promote themselves.
  • Train in a Day can provide bespoke marketing training courses to locate any weaknesses in your marketing methods and fix them, helping your business gain a stellar reputation.

by Tom Witcomb

How is marketing defined?

Marketing is defined as the action of promoting and selling products or services, including things such as market research and advertising.