Blended Learning Approach To Learning and Development

Blended learning has the potential to transform the effectiveness of your learning and development.

Blended Learning Approach

At its simplest, blended learning involves ‘flipping the classroom’ learning model. E-learning courses

word cloud of blended learning

what is blended learning?

provide the student with all the theory and knowledge they need in a format that offers flexibility and convenience. Once the key knowledge has been gained, face-to-face activities deliver an experiential learning approach that tests and embeds the newly acquired skills. Finally, a series of easily accessible bite-size learning modules continue to reinforce the learning long after the face-to-face interventions are complete.

With the technology available today, a blended learning approach is affordable and within reach of many training managers. With packages such as Captivate, Storyline and a wide choice of learning management systems offering affordable solutions, today’s training manager is able to craft out a blended learning approach for their organization.

Responsibility for Learning and Development

Many organizations choose to delegate responsibility for learning and development with their HR function. This can lead to training innovations taking a back seat. Inviting an external training company to help build your blended learning solution can be an attractive option.

Blended Learning Solutions

Train In A Day build blended learning packages for small and medium sized businesses. Beginning with the online delivery of knowledge and key concepts, we work with your team facilitating classroom learning on your premises. Following successful completion of each learning module, your team members have mobile access to mini bite-sized training animations delivering fun reminders on demand.

Should you wish to discuss our blended learning approach contact a training consultant below.