management development program guide

Management Development Programs

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Your management development program guide is for directors and managers looking to develop a management training program. This 2nd Edition Guide To Management Training Programs is a useful question and answer resource for training managers, HR managers and senior management professionals. Exploring key topics it covers a wide range of common questions including: what is a management training program?; why do you need management training? how much will it cost? plus how how to deliver a management training program inhouse. Additionally, there are tips and techniques for managing a training program plus a list of training companies for you to explore hiring an external training provider.Need a Quote for Training Programs?Click here for Training QuotationsNOTE: Don’t miss this opportunity to get a …

conflict management tips at work

Conflict Management Tips

Carl Duncker Management Training

How do you manage conflict at work? In this short tutorial we’ll explore how managing conflict is a critical management skill. Whenever you have a group of employees, conflict and tension aren’t far away. As managers, we are employed to manage tensions and reduce conflict effectively.  This means managing diverse viewpoints to gather feedback. It means viewing tensions as a driver of innovation and change. It means seeing conflict as an opportunity if we are to be successful in managing tensions effectively. Four Key Myths on Workplace Conflict Conflict is always going to happen. It’s unavoidable. Myth Number 1 It’s clear that the world comprises different personality types, belief systems, priorities and outlooks. From personal experience, you’ll be able to …

time management tips

Time Management Tips

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How do you manage time? In this short article we’ll explore how managing time is an important management skill. Whatever your job title or position, time is the one thing we each have in equal amounts. But as managers we are employed to take purposeful action. This means completing goals efficiently and effectively. It means prioritising value-adding tasks and removing time-wasters if we are to be successful in managing our time effectively,   The Two Essentials of Managing Time Number 1: Do what matters most Your time is precious. Where are you choosing to focus it? Do what matters most and prioritise your tasks to achieve the greatest value. Use the important and urgent matrix to prioritise effectively and identify …