Searching For External Training Providers

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Part 2: Searching For Training Companies In the first part of “How To Improve Your External Training Company” we explored how to identify your management training needs. In this next section we share with you how to complete a productive search for suitable training providers: External Training Companies Once you have defined your training needs, the next step is to search for an appropriate training provider to meet those needs. Naturally, your first port of call may be your current training provider – having them fulfil your training needs could be advantageous as they will already have an existing knowledge of your company and trainers may already be known to your staff. However, even in situations where your company has used …

PRESS RELEASE: Video Training Courses

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Leading training company launches free video training courses Successful training managers know that learners quickly forget what they have learned if it is not repeated and reinforced. To help combat this, traininaday today delivers its vast video training library free of charge to all clients purchasing an in-house training course. One of the great challenges for any learning and development program is to try to ensure that the learning is retained. This can be done in a number of ways from coaching, to quizzes and e-mail follow-up, shared social media resources and conference calls. However, many of these follow-up techniques rely on a third party. With video training, however, learners have the benefit of access to key learning materials at …

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Management Training Resources for Trainers

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Where do you go for training resources in management and leadership development? When needed to deliver management training there are a number of options you have available to you: 1. Create Your Own Training Material You know your people best and, of course, as a learning and development professional you will know the type of training delivery and interventions that your people need. So why not create your own material? Time maybe the main factor. Creating training resources is a time-consuming process. The advantage of course is that you get to produce purely bespoke training resources. If you are able to do this – great. However, why re-invent the wheel? 2. Source Training Materials Management training is a major subject …

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Social Media Courses Explained

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Social Media Training: Why? Teaching someone how to use social media is a bit like schools teaching teenagers how to use Word. They already know it and are probably better than you too. So why bother with social media marketing courses? Because there is a gap in knowledge from being able to use social media platforms and being able to convert that discipline into an added-value activity for your business. Social Media Marketing What do people mean when they refer to social media marketing? Isn’t it just social media? Well, not quite. Social media are the networks and platforms we use to communicate electronically with those we are connected with. Social media marketing is having a strategy and a purpose …

How Do Management Training Companies Compare?

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Management Training Providers: How They Compare Any training manager looking for a management training company is spoilt for choice. A Google search for management training alone throws back 667,000,000 million results. Of course, that’s the number of pages mentioning the topic but it is clear that there are many companies delivering such courses. This brief article will attempt to narrow down your options when choosing a management training provider. Notable Management Training Companies Ask a training manager and a number of companies will trip off their tongue without any hesitation. The most notable of these being the CIPD or Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development The CIPD is the world’s “largest Chartered HR and development …