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Digital Marketing Courses: Future Launch

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Digital marketing spend now stands at £31bn. That is money spent by agencies on digital advertisements, content marketing and digital campaigns. As a fast-growing industry, knowledge of best-practice techniques is lagging behind the financial investment that is being thrown at digital marketing. In fact, the term digital marketing is quickly becoming a synonym for marketing with traditional marketing becoming the forgotten cousin.

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digital marketing training

In response to customer demand I am writing a number of digital marketing courses for delivery this Spring that cover the fundamental aspects which marketing professionals need to follow if they are to ensure the ROI on their investment. These are in addition to our conventional marketing courses.

Just like SEO in the 90’s, there are a lot of myths and too much learning by doing by marketing professionals who continue to spend heavily. This can lead to wasted resources and a lack of credibility amongst their peers. Like all investments, digital marketing spend needs to demonstrate a return on investment for the business.

With the amount of free and useful resources available by Google, Facebook and other platforms there is no lack of knowledge available to digital marketers. And this fast-moving profession has no excuses to follow best-practice.  With the amount of testing and analytical data available proven techniques have been established by innovators and early adopters that the vast majority of digital marketing professionals can learn from.

When constructing this niche portfolio of courses I have mindful of both customer need and consultancy experience to prioritise the courses on offer.

Digital Marketing Training

With this in mind I am pleased to share that the upcoming digital courses will cover:

SEO Strategy: Ranking in a post-Panda and Penguin world

Content Marketing Strategy: Authorship, Leadership and Engagement

Social Media Strategy: Content, Engagement and Influence

Digital PR Strategy: PR beyond Press Releases

Each of these digital marketing courses will offer a roadmap for best-practice in strategy and implementation. Like all of our courses they will deliver value for money and learning with a engaging and interactive style that be delivered to your teams.

Marketing Training at Train in a Day

Traininaday have been delivering marketing training since 2004. With a team of highly-reputed facilitators, our training courses are utilised by private and public sector alike.

These 1-day digital marketing training courses will be delivered by myself, Carl Duncker, ranking #1 for Digital Marketing Consultant by Google, CEO of traininaday and 20 years marketing management experience.

I look forward to meeting clients and marketing teams looking to improve their digital marketing campaigns with these courses.

by Carl Duncker

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