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Discover How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy As Part Of Your Digital Marketing Mix, Build A Content Plan, Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy And Techniques For Content Creation On This Content Marketing Course

This content marketing training course is for those who understand the strategic importance of content marketing but lack the working framework to deliver a cost-effective content marketing strategy for their organisation.

How do you keep your army of customers satisfied with engaging and useful content? How do you do this across multiple platforms? How do you ensure that your content marketing is manageable and cost-effective?


You will discover the fundamentals of a content marketing strategy, how to construct it, how to find content and how to implement it to a scheduled plan. This content marketing course will show how to do just that. We break the day into four strategic sections with case studies and activities to focus your learning on your organisation. The four sections we will cover are:

1. Audience Research: Have We Met Before?

2. Content Marketing Audit: What Do You Have and Where Are The Gaps?

3. Perfect Match: The Right Content To The Right Person At The Right Time

4. Publishing Schedule: Who Does What When

This content marketing training is for marketers and digital marketers with responsibility for shaping the content marketing strategy for their organisation. You should be comfortable with basic marketing concepts and social media platforms and have an eagerness to learn and improve. You are likely to work in a marketing department but this course is also helpful to those forward-thinking business owners who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to grow their business with a planned and forward-looking content marketing approach.

Customers are thirsty for content. They are looking for solutions to problems and for information to help them to do that. Now is the golden age of digital marketing and a fruitful content marketing strategy is a must.

However, good content marketing isn’t just about putting out material. It needs to engage with your readers needs and wants and address their fears. It needs to be provided in the format that they prefer and at the time that they need it. It needs to be holistic and cost-effective. Most of all it needs to contribute to the objectives of your organisation.

Take this content marketing training course and take responsibility for shaping the content marketing plan for your business, charity or organisation. We can come to you and deliver to your team or coach you in the best video content marketing techniques. Just give us a call and we can see what meets your needs best.

Train In A Day have delivered marketing training since 2004. Focused on sharing the latest knowledge and strategies to marketing practitioners, this content marketing training is high intensity and delivered by a Google Accredited Partner and Chartered Marketer. More than a trainer, our marketing facilitator will guarantee your day is interactive and full of opportunities to explore your content creation and content strategy challenges.

content marketing training


Carl Duncker
  • content marketing training leader
Founder of this marketing training company, Carl shares his tips, tricks and techniques for content marketing strategy and creation with marketing teams and practitioners across the UK. Practising online marketing techniques for 10 years, Carl brings his experience and insight to this content marketing training course. A Chartered Marketer, Carl enjoys building content marketing strategies alongside marketing managers and teams nationwide.

Carl is both an accredited Google AdWords practitioner and a Chartered Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and delivers a valuable pool of expertise to your content marketing course. 


Your blended learning in content marketing strategy and creation begins with online tutorials.

For marketing managers looking to build their content strategy skills, we deliver your key tips and techniques online. Going forward, we offer motivated learners the ability to develop their content marketing techniques in the classroom during a content marketing workshop. A full 6 hours, your training day is hosted by an online marketing expert who works alongside you to build, develop and implement your content marketing.

Contact our digital marketing training consultants and let’s see how we can work together.


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