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[biginfopane color=”#FF6E22″ textcolor=”#ffffff” title=”Hands On Facebook Training”]Discover How Your Business Can Achieve Viral Status, Increase Exposure On Facebook, Encourage Fans To Interact And Engage, and Use Facebook To Grow Your Business And Retain Customers[/biginfopane] [custom_gallery id=”659″]

This comprehensive “hands on” Facebook Course will teach you everything you need to know to harness the potential of Facebook and use it to benefit your business. Delegates on this course will learn about a number of crucial areas, including…

Business strategies for Facebook

  • How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Business Pages
  • 4 essential, straightforward strategies to enable your own Facebook Page to “go viral”

Increasing Facebook fan engagement

  • 6 important techniques to motivate my Facebook friends to interact
  • The best way to build my user profile so it gets to the people who need me
  • How to effortlessly incorporate Facebook with outside resources to push traffic to your Facebook page
  • The real (and straightforward) magic formula to creating fans who care

Facebook tips and techniques to get the most from your page

  • The steps to making the best choice for your distinct market presence, when you’ve got multiple-choice set-up choices
  • Finding “hidden” Facebook Help pages as well as links
  • The two primary areas to take into consideration, with just about every set-up stage you make
  • 5 easy steps to lessen significant Facebook risks concealed behind its positive aspects
  • The primary difference between Facebook’s “New Groups” and “Friend Lists”

This Facebook training courses is for any executive, manager or business owner who is committed to maximising the power of Facebook to further their business. This comprehensive and business-centred Facebook training course will show you the essential techniques you need to master to grow your business using Facebook.

It’s all too easy to become frustrated if your online marketing appears to have come to a halt. You now possess an excellent fundamental knowledge of many skills… but the complete social networking element hasn’t honestly delivered the benefits you’d been longing for.  Nevertheless you’re certainly not the only individual addicted to Facebook… the bottom line is, Facebook has taken over the internet world… as well as expanding each and every day.

You may need Facebook as a system intended for growing your business, developing a powerful social profile as well as branding yourself as an expert. If that’s the case, then this course is for you: it’s all about mastering Facebook and using it as business tool to increase customer engagement and strengthen your online presence.

Hands On Facebook Course Sample Content…

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Your Hands On Facebook Training Course includes…

[toggle title=”Maximum 12 delegates” state=”opened”]

People learn most effectively in groups where there is interaction and engagement, that’s why Traininaday limit attendance to a maximum of 12 learners. This gives you engagement within a group, along with the personal attention you deserve.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facebook Training Student Handbook”]

As a delegate on this course you will receive a detailed handbook including a copy of the presentation and exercises to work through and apply your learning, as well as the cheat sheets and mindmaps described below. We can send an electronic copy of this handbook to your organisation to print in advance of your course, or if you’d prefer, Traininaday will have a handbook for each delegate professionally printed and bound, and delivered by courier to your location, for an all-inclusive charge of just £100.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facebook Training Cheat Sheets”]

A handy reference document of the main learning points from your Facebook training day.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facebook Training MindMap”]

A visual reference of the main points from your training course.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Lunch and Refreshments”]

All learners on open courses will receive refreshments and lunch as part of your training day. For inhouse courses, lunch and refreshments are the responsibility of your organisation.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Certificate of Completion”]

Documented evidence of your attendance and completion of the course, which counts as 6 hours learning towards your CPD.


CPD hours

Professional organisations such as Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development accept this learning towards your annual CPD requirement. All learners receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training day.

Leading organisations choose traininaday…

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Carl Duncker - inhouse marketing trainerYour Facebook Trainer

Your facilitator for this Facebook course is Carl Duncker, Chartered Marketing Consultant MCIM

Carl Duncker is recognised as a leading UK social media trainer, delivering social media courses and Facebook marketing courses to business leaders, entrepeneurs and public sector managers.

Carl is a Chartered Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With 15 years of experience in the field of marketing management within b2b, b2c and public sector organisations, and an impressive portfolio of self-written social media courses for marketing managers and business owners, Carl brings a valuable wealth of experience and unique insights to your Facebook training course, which he delivers in his friendly and welcoming style.

Do you have questions about this social media marketing course?

We can deliver this Hands On Facebook training course exclusively to your team and on your premises. The standard course will include the same content as we deliver in our public training day. A tailored course can be customised to include specific case studies. A bespoke course is re-written by the course facilitator to include new content unique to you and has a high-level of customisation.

Complete your details below to request a quotation on running this Facebook course in-house. Simply choose a customisation level that reflects how much, if at all, you would like to adapt this course to your learner’s needs:


Traininaday have been delivering exceptional business training since 2004. Focused on delivering the maximum knowledge and growth to learners, each training course is high-impact and facilitated by experts in their field. More than presentations, experts ensure your training is interactive and bursting with opportunities to ask questions and explore your unique challenges.

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