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[biginfopane color=”#FF6E22″ title=”YouTube Training”]Discover How To Launch Your YouTube Channel, Distribute YouTube Movies, Have Videos Go Viral, Acquire More Visitors, Raise Your Profile Using YouTube, and Position Yourself As An Expert[/biginfopane]

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On this YouTube training course you’ll learn how to use YouTube as a powerful marketing tool to further your business. Areas covered include…

  • YouTube Creation and Optimisation
  • Personalising Your Channel
  • Generating as well as Personalising Playlists
  • 7 solutions to market your YouTube Movies
  • Utilising Annotations for additional Views, Subscribers and also Activity
  • Getting the Word Out Regarding Your Movies
  • The Reasons You Need The Videos within YouTube
  • The different parts of a powerful YouTube Movie
  • Online video Content: Recommendations and Calls to Action
  • Call to Actions: Subscribers
  • YouTube blunders you should avoid
  • Starting The YouTube Account Correct to begin with
  • Embedding as well as Placing comments
  • Choosing a Movie Frame

This course is ideal for those who wish to develop an integrated social media strategy as part of their online marketing. YouTube is a vital marketing tool that can be used to improve an organisation’s online presence and drive customers to its website; anyone interested in achieving this would benefit greatly from participating on this course.

During this YouTube training course, you are going to discover how to launch YouTube as an online marketing program. We’ll look at many techniques from establishing your account, to content generation, to steering clear of trademark concerns, to having your own videos to go viral. By the end of your training course, you’ll understand everything you need to understand so that you can distribute a successful YouTube movie.

What’s more, you will understand precisely what the subsequent actions will be to advertise your own YouTube movies and acquire more visitors. The knowledge you will learn throughout this training course is going to specifically bring about more and more people viewing your own video clips, your internet-site and also deliver additional revenue.

 YouTube Training Course Sample Content…

[toggle title=”Sample Video” state=”opened”] [video_embed maxwidth=”750″][/video_embed] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Customising Your Channel”]

To start with, let’s talk about customising your YouTube channel.

Your YouTube channel is basically your personal YouTube page, where people who click on your username will go. It’s where all your videos are listed.

If someone becomes a fan of your work, your YouTube channel will become a page that they frequent. If your channel is well optimised and creates a great user experience, people will keep coming back and recommend your channel to friends as well.

On the other hand, if your channel is poorly customised, people will see that you’re not really putting an effort into it, and they most likely won’t return. A lot of people leave their YouTube channel on the default settings.

Unfortunately, the default settings don’t really tell a coherent message. It’ll show both your best videos and your worst videos. The background and color scheme may not match your message. In short, “default” just doesn’t cut it.

To create a YouTube channel experience that really pops, you’ll need to create a custom channel specifically for your community.

To start customising your channel, click on your name in the upper right corner of YouTube and select “Account” from the drop down menu. Then click on “My Channel” to access your channel page.

Along the top will be a range of options on how you can customise your YouTube channel.

The first thing you should change is the title of your channel. This is what people will see in the upper left corner, above the video player in your channel. It’s also what shows in the title bar of the web browser.

Your title tag can affect how well your YouTube channel ranks in search engines. Although YouTube channels aren’t often high-ranking pages, it does sometimes happen for less competitive keywords. Having your keywords in your channel title can help you increase the chances of a good ranking.


Your YouTube Training Course includes…

[toggle title=”Maximum 12 delegates” state=”opened”]

People learn most effectively in groups where there is interaction and engagement, that’s why Traininaday limit attendance to a maximum of 12 learners. This gives you engagement within a group, along with the personal attention you deserve.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”YouTube Training Student Handbook”]

As a delegate on this course you will receive a detailed handbook including a copy of the presentation and activities to work through and apply your learning, as well as the cheat sheets and mindmaps described below. We can send an electronic copy of this handbook to your organisation to print in advance of your course, or if you’d prefer, Traininaday will have a handbook for each delegate professionally printed and bound, and delivered by courier to your location, for an all-inclusive charge of just £100.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”YouTube Training Cheat Sheets”]

A handy reference document of the main learning points from your YouTube training day.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”YouTube Training MindMap”]

A visual reference of the main points from your training course.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Lunch and Refreshments”]

All learners on open courses will receive refreshments and lunch as part of your training day. For inhouse courses, lunch and refreshments are the responsibility of your organisation.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Certificate of Completion”]

Documented evidence of your attendance and completion of the course, which counts as 6 hours learning towards your CPD.


CPD hours

Professional organisations such as Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development accept this learning towards your annual CPD requirement. All learners receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training day.

Leading organisations choose traininaday…

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Carl Duncker - inhouse marketing trainerYour YouTube Trainer

Your facilitator for this YouTube course is Carl Duncker, Chartered Marketing Consultant MCIM

Carl Duncker is recognised as a leading UK social media trainer, delivering social media courses and YouTube training courses to business leaders, entrepeneurs and public sector managers.

Carl is a Chartered Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With 15 years of experience in the field of marketing management within b2b, b2c and public sector organisations, coupled with an impressive portfolio of self-written social media courses for marketing managers and business owners, Carl brings a valuable wealth of experience and unique insight to this YouTube For Business training course.

Do you have questions about this social media marketing course?

We can deliver this YouTube training course exclusively to your team and on your premises. The standard course will include the same content as we deliver in our public training day. A tailored course can be customised to include specific case studies. A bespoke course is re-written by the course facilitator to include new content unique to you and has a high-level of customisation.

Complete your details below to request a quotation on running this YouTube course in-house. Simply choose a customisation level that reflects how much, if at all, you would like to adapt this course to your learner’s needs:


Traininaday have been delivering exceptional business training since 2004. Focused on delivering the maximum knowledge and growth to learners, each training course is high-impact and facilitated by experts in their field. More than presentations, experts ensure your training is interactive and bursting with opportunities to ask questions and explore your unique challenges.

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