Have A Question About Training Courses?

How many learners does your training include?

Typically, up to a maximum of 12 participants. Through experience, we have that this number provides for an effective workshop whilst maximising your return on investment.

Typically, most training clients choose groups of 4 – 8 learners for their workshop. Should you have any questions about training numbers, just ask.

Where do you complete the training workshops?

On-site, at your premises. We travel to you and deliver an effective and challenging training day to your team.

When do we receive the training workshop?

On any weekday convenient to you. We will provide you with a choice of dates which you can use to liaise with your team and find a date most suitable to everyone.

Who are our training facilitators?

We only use proven training facilitators with experience in their chosen field. They will manage your participant’s learning during the workshop, manage the day and input their own experiences to benefit your team. Primarily, their role is to facilitate the learning of your team by encouraging participants to draw upon their own ideas, thoughts and experiences. The activities and exercises we introduce to the training day are also designed to do this.

We do not ‘show and tell’ but promote learning through active participation of your team.

What is the investment for in-house training?

Blended Online + In-house + Mobile


Per Team
  • In-house Training Day
  • Video Tutorials
  • Expert Facilitator
  • Course Documentation
  • Mobile Learning
  • Standard Course
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Development Programs


Per Company
  • Customised Programs
  • In-house Training Days
  • Multiple Training Courses
  • Video Tutorials
  • Expert Facilitator
  • Travel Included
  • Course Documentation
  • Mobile Learning
  • Learner Progress Reports
  • Branded LMS
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What are your terms and conditions?

You can read our terms and conditions here

Arrangements for  your in-house training day

Once finalised, we will e-mail confirmation of the key points regarding arrangements for your in-house training workshop.


Should your team be required to complete pre-learning, will will be provided the week prior to your training day.

Training Room

We ask that you provide a suitable training room, at your premises, to accommodate your team and the facilitator.

A U-shaped or boardroom style works best but, ultimately, there should be sufficient space, light and air to comfortably host your team.

Please provide a flip chart or whiteboard.

Please provide paper and pens for your attendees.


09:00 – 17:00

Typically, there is a 45 minute lunch break plus a small refreshment break in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Your training facilitator will arrive 30 – 45 minutes prior to the commencement of the workshop allowing sufficient time to prepare and set-up effectively.


As host, we would ask you to arrange suitable refreshments and lunch for your team and the training facilitator.

A note on food safety. When purchasing sandwiches, please ensure these remain chilled prior to consumption and, above all, please avoid shellfish.

AV Facilities

Depending upon the workshop we may ask you to provide a projector/TV. Should this be required, we will make prior arrangements with you.

Should you have any questions regarding the hosting of your event please e-mail your training consultant.