Part 3: How To Solicit Training Proposals

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Once you’ve identified a number of potential training providers to contact, you can now start to collect proposals from them.

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how to solicit training proposals

Training Providers Will Have A Clear Idea

But before you contact them, be sure that you have a good, consistent brief that outlines in detail all of the management training needs that you want the provider to meet; this way, training providers will have a clear idea of what is needed from them and will be able to propose training interventions that should have a tangible impact upon how your organisation operates.

Compare Training Proposals

Furthermore, having a detailed brief will reduce the amount of dialogue needed between you and any potential provider as they will have a clear idea of what’s required straight away. This should cut down on the amount of follow-up questions they need to ask in order to craft their proposal. Plus, giving a clear and consistent brief to each potential provider allows for you to make comparisons between competitive proposals much more easily.

This has been Part three of how to improve your training provider. Part Four will continue to advise to to select an appropriate training provider.

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