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Our expert leadership trainer will take you through many of the key principles of leadership that are needed to shape managers into leaders, including…

  • Understanding the differences and overlap between management and leadership
  • Theories of leadership
  • The essential qualities of a leader
  • How to develop your leadership potential
  • Using different leadership styles in different situations
  • How to motivate the people you work with
  • Determining purpose and vision, and how to stick to them

This one-day leadership development course is for all those who want to realise the full potential of managers within their organisation, empowering them to become leaders and shape the core values and culture of the company. Perhaps you are a manager who aspires to do more than set targets and controls resources? Perhaps you want to harness the potential of your workforce and bring about real positive change? If any of these ideas resonate, then this leadership development course will be a great fit for you.

Leadership is a vital component of any organisation: it makes a difference to the way a business performs, and the way it is perceived by both employees and outsiders. Furthermore, the nature and type of leadership that an company has will have a large influence over corporate culture and the morale of a workforce.

Traininaday therefore offer this leadership development training as an intensive one-day course that focuses on what it means to be a leader and how this is related to management, as well as developing practical leadership skills and techniques that will change how you and your organisation operate.

Your Leadership Development Training Course includes…

[toggle title=”Maximum 12 delegates” state=”opened”]

We learn best in groups with interaction and engagement so we limit attendance to a maximum of 12 learners. This gives you engagement within a group with the personal attention you deserve.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Leadership Development Student Handbook”]

As a delegate on this course you will receive a detailed handbook including a copy of the presentation, activities to work through and apply your learning, as well as the cheat sheets and mindmaps described below. We can send an electronic copy of this handbook to your organisation to print in advance of your course, or if you’d prefer, Traininaday will have a handbook for each delegate professionally printed and bound, and delivered by courier to your location, for an all-inclusive charge of just £100.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Leadership Development Cheat Sheets”]

A handy reference document of the main learning points from your training day.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Leadership Development MindMap”]

A visual reference of the main points from your leadership development training course.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Lunch and Refreshments”]

All learners on open courses will receive refreshments and lunch as part of your training day. For inhouse courses, lunch and refreshments are the responsibility of your organisation.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Certificate of Completion”]

Documented evidence of your attendance and completion of the course and 6 hours learning towards your CPD.


CPD hours

Professional organisations such as Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development accept this learning towards your annual CPD requirement. All learners receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training day.

Leading organisations choose traininaday…

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Helen Hinds - inhouse management trainer

Your Leadership trainer

The leadership development course trainer is: Helen Hinds

Helen Hinds MCIPD delivers leadership development training courses to organisations in both the commercial and public sectors, helping their managers to lead effectively and inspire clients and colleagues.

Helen is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and has written an impressive portfolio of leadership courses for line managers. As a result, Helen brings a unique wealth of experience and insight to this leadership development training course.


Do you have questions about this leadership course?

We can deliver this leadership development course exclusively to your team and on your premises. The standard course will include the same content as we deliver in our public training day. A tailored course can be customised to include specific case studies. A bespoke course is re-written by the course facilitator to include new content unique to you and has a high-level of customisation.

Complete your details below to request a quotation on running this leadership development course in-house. Simply choose a customisation level that reflects how much, if at all, you would like to adapt this course to your learner’s needs:


Traininaday have been delivering exceptional business training since 2004. Focused on delivering the maximum knowledge and growth to learners, each training course is high-impact and facilitated by experts in their field. More than presentations, experts ensure your training is interactive and bursting with opportunities to ask questions and explore your unique challenges.

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