Leadership Skills Course

Discover your natural leadership style, learn how to motivate and develop the people you lead and know how to adapt your leadership style on this Leadership Skills Training Course..
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  • Trainer: Lisa
  • People: Up to 12
  • Length: 6 to 7 hours
  • Inhouse: We Come To You

From £98 per leader when delivered inhouse

What You'll Learn

Following this leadership skills training, employees will:

  • Understand the differences between leadership and management.
  • Be able to adjust their leadership style for different scenarios.
  • Be able to manage difficult conversations with members of their team.
  • Understand how to motivate employees within a team, using improved communication.
  • Follow a simple but effective coaching formula to improve the performance of their team.

Your inhouse leadership training day will build your confidence and supply you with techniques that will make you a better leader!

From "what is my leadership style?" to helpful techniques for leading different personality types, we'll walk you through an understanding of your current leadership style and how you can adapt to me a more confident, well-rounded leader.

“What great days! As a team it was great spending quality time together and made you feel you were a part of something bigger."Leader, Synergy Partnership

Get this Leadership Course, from £98 per manager

This training course for leaders at work, can be delivered at your offices, from £1180 per team
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In-company Leadership Training Content
We'll deliver these engaging activities to your team with a professional trainer. Classroom exercises in the core leadership skills use fun elements to explore basic leadership techniques. Your team will learn and develop key leadership skills within the safety of their workplace.
Exercise: Understanding Leadership

A puzzle activity to demonstrate the differences between leadership and management and what this means for aspiring leaders.

Exercise: Great Leaders?

This leadership skills game encourages employees to explore perspectives on what good leadership is and whether great leaders are born or made.

Introduction: From Management to Leadership
  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions
Leadership Styles Exercise: Adapting Your Leadership Style:

Your team explore popular leadership styles and how to apply these to different situations in their workplace.

Identifying Your Leadership Style:

A simple training exercise to identify your typical leadership style. This is your starting point in developing a wider portfolio of leadership styles for different scenarios.

Exercise: Coaching Conversations

Introducing the GROW model, this exercise helps leaders have coaching conversations with team members.

Exercise: Building Strong Teams 

This exercise will encourage people to consider things that inspire them to do their best, as well as provide staff with insight into their communication and leadership abilities. It also encourages employees to self-assess, evaluate, and think about their performance.

Here's What You'll Learn About Your Leadership Style

leadership training styles

Following this training in basic leadership skills, your future leaders’ will understand:

  • Their preferred and default leadership style.
  • How to adjust their leadership style for different management scenarios.
  • How to improve communication across their team with effective leadership.
  • How to prepare and manage coaching conversations with team members.
  • The key differences between leadership and management.
“This was the most engaging course I’ve ever experienced!” Publications Manager, Northumbria University
  • Training at your office
  • Engaging trainers
  • Post-learning support
  • From only £98 per manager
  • Pre-learning materials
  • Travel included
  • Accommodation included

Book this Leadership Course, from £98 per manager

This leadership skills course, delivered at your office, from £1180 per team
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Course Description

leadership courses

Learn how to lead with confidence and drive improved performance through your team.

This basic leadership course is for existing managers and future leaders wishing to build their confidence and motivate and improve the performance of their team.

The leadership skills that new and current leaders will bring back to the workplace are:

  • Explain the difference between Leadership and Management
  • Understand your Default Leadership Style
  • Improve Team Performance by Adopting a Variety of Leadership Styles
  • Conduct A Coaching Conversation with Employees
  • Improve Communication and Motivation Across Your Team
Training Styles

This basic leadership skills course is delivered using a mix of classroom training and on-line pre-learning that offers a blended learning solution. Managers receive the core leadership principles and assessment through bite-sized learning whilst building their leadership skills in interventions, feedback and role plays led by our trainer at your office. This learning approach creates added-value and delivers a first-class return on investment.

You'll practice your newly-acquired leadership skills back in your workplace. Here you will need to recall your training in real day-to-day situations. Thankfully, we've an app for that. Your core leadership skills are always available from your mobile in handy 60-seconds videos. Delivered with animations and professional voice-overs, you're only ever a phone away from a 'bite-sized' recap of your leadership skills training.

Your Basic Leadership Course Trainer

Lisa is your trainer and coach. Lisa facilitates this leadership training course drawing upon her extensive experience in leadership, coaching and customer service.  Consistently receiving great feedback on her ability to engage groups quickly, Lisa brings with her significant commercial and customer-led experience that will enhance your training day.

leadership course trainer

Why choose this Leadership Course?

Start developing your leadership skills with the UK's best-value training programs


Pre-learning training materials raise leaders’ knowledge of the subjects explored in their leadership training course.

Classroom Training

Cost-effective leadership training delivered at your offices from £98 per manager.

Post Training Support

Our library of management videos via our app promotes learning retention and improves your ROI.


Your team of managers will benefit from pre-learning content and self-assessment exercises. These are provided below and should be completed before the inhouse leadership training day.

Post-Learning Support

You'll practice your newly-acquired leadership skills back in your workplace. You will need to recall your learning in common day-to-day scenarios. Thankfully, your core leadership learning points are accessible from your phone via handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you're only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful 'bite-sized' recall of your basic leadership skills training.

Improve Performance with Leadership Training

An opportunity to discover leadership techniques and enhance your leadership skills.

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