Leadership Skills Course

Discover The Essential Qualities of Successful Leaders, Understand How To Influence The People You Lead and Adapt Your Leadership Style On This Leadership Skills Training Course 


During your facilitated training day, learners will complete their leadership training with a clear understanding of leadership styles, and the skills and confidence to manage effectively. A typical leadership course will cover the following:

To develop effective leadership in the workplace.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Describe what leadership and management mean.
• Understand different leadership styles.
• Describe the skills and attributes of a good leader.
• Understand the impact the leader can have on motivation and therefore performance.
• Reflect on their own role as leaders and how to develop their leadership skills.

Classroom Activities:
This leadership skills training course will help to develop you from simply managing others to becoming an inspiration and driving force in your organisation. On this leadership skills training course you actively complete the following leadership training activities…

Introducing Leadership
Exercise: Puzzle-based Leadership Game
This exercise demonstrates the differences between leadership and management whilst identifying how participants can lead their key employees.

What Makes Leaders Great?
Exercise: Your Perceptions of Great Leaders
This exercise in leadership skills will encourage participants to explore various perspectives on what good leadership looks like and whether great leaders are born or made.

Leadership Styles
Exercise: Turning on the Style
This exercise will demonstrate to participants the various leadership styles whilst helping them choose the most appropriate style for a particular situation.

Your Situational Leadership Style
Exercise: Leadership Style Assessment
Through reflection on participants course of action in given circumstances, this exercise will reveal to participants their preferred leadership style.

Leading Motivation Within Teams
Exercise: Building Strong Bridges
This exercise will encourage participants to consider factors that motivate staff to perform well, encourage leaders to consider their communication skills, consider the question of keeping people motivated and encourage staff to self assess, review and reflect on performance.

Coaching Conversations
Exercise: Coaching Practice: To provide an opportunity for participants to practice their coaching skills using the GROW model. Delegates have the opportunity to practice questioning, listening and summarising.

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Helen Hinds
Caleb Storkey
  • leadership skills trainer
  • Leadership Skills Trainer
Helen Hinds MCIPD is an accomplished renowned leadership skills coach and trainer. Clients feedback highlights Helen’s charismatic and engaging style. Helen is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and offers a wealth of experience to your leadership training day.
Caleb Storkey facilitates both business owners and senior managers from both private and not-for-profit organisations. Caleb is a high-energy leader and team player who will bring the best out of you. Caleb has a track record of delivering change by facilitating clear thinking and action. Your team will be enthused by the contribution Caleb delivers in this leadership course.
Our unique approach to blended learning begins with video learning to impart the fundamental knowledge on each leadership style. Following this, you can enhance skills with an essential leadership training day. Lasting 6 hours, the day’s content is led by a trained facilitator tasked with developing your leadership skills through role plays, games, problem-solving or any relevant training intervention. Contact a training consultant and let’s see how we can learn together.
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