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Discover The Importance Of Teamwork, How To Work Effectively In Teams, How To Strengthen And Motivate Teams, and Overcome Obstacles To Successful Teams On This Teamwork Course


Looking for a course in teamwork? This teamwork training course which shares the fundamentals of high-performing teams. Using a combination of online learning and classroom training, learners discover how teams evolve, understand colleagues better, improve communication skills, play to different strengths and improve their team’s performance through team-building activities. Comprehensive, effective and affordable, this teamwork training equips your team members to work more effectively as a team.

Learn how to build highly-effective teams and boost productivity. This teamwork training is for all managers who lead teams in the workplace. This course in team-building has been created using a blend of classroom and on-line training to complete a blended learning solution. Students receive the core principles of teamwork via short video tutorials and complete interventions, feedback and role plays facilitated by our trainer. The effective team building skills which participants will develop are:

  • Explain How a High-Performing Team Functions Effectively
  • Be Able To Adapt Management Styles According To The Strengths and Weaknesses of Team Members
  • How To Manage Difficult Conversations
  • Problem-Solve Amongst Team Members
  • Complete Team-building Activities In-house

Our teamwork training course is suitable for team members and managers looking to raise the performance of their team. Those looking to improve how they interact and work with colleagues will also benefit.


Your participants will receive pre-learning content exploring how high-performing teams function. These are completed prior to the inhouse teamwork training course and are explored during the classroom sessions with your trainer.

Prior to your inhouse teamwork training day, please view the following short videos on teamwork:

Defining Success

  • What is a Team?
  • An Overview of Tuckman and Jensen’s Four-Phase Model

The First Stage of Team Development – Forming

  • Hallmarks of This Stage
  • What To Do As A Leader
  • What To Do As A Follower

The Second Stage of Team Development – Storming

  • The Hallmarks of This Stage
  • What To Do As A Leader
  • What To Do As A Follower

The Third Stage of Team Development – Norming

  • The Hallmarks of This Stage
  • What To Do As A Leader
  • What To Do As A Follower

The Fourth Stage of Team Development – Performing

  • Hallmarks of this Stage
  • What To Do As A Leader
  • What To Do As A Follower


This teamwork and team-building training course will help your team build better work relationships and promote greater understanding and effective communication between team members. This training is effective with both new and existing teams including:

To encourage positive and productive team-working in the workplace

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know more about their colleagues.
  • Be able to describe what makes a high performing team.
  • Understand the importance of playing to different strengths and skills.
  • Recognise the need for clear and effective communication.
  • Understand the challenges of problem-solving within teams
  • Have taken part in team-building activities to enhance their team’s performance.

Classroom Activities
Group exercises contain fun elements to foster improved relationships across your team, plus key learning points with regarding positive team working.

Achieving More Through Teamwork
Exercise: The Wheel
This exercise will show participants how, by working together, teams are able to achieve more. Additionally, it highlights to the team the dangers of an overly competitive workplace culture.

Work Group or Team?
Exercise: Find Your Team
This exercise will enable participants to understand and identify whether a group or a team is required.

High Performing Teams
Tuckman and Jensen’s Four-Phase Model
• A review of this important model and feedback from pre-learning

Leading Motivation Within Teams
Exercise: Building Strong Bridges
This exercise will encourage participants to consider factors that motivate staff to perform well, encourage leaders to consider their communication skills, consider the question of keeping people motivated and encourage staff to self assess, review and reflect on performance.

Developing Communication Within Teams
Exercise: Welsh Holiday
This teamwork and communication exercise will help participants enhance their communication and listening skills, develop their ability to communicate information effectively and encourage them to explore problems objectively. Importantly, participants will learn that effective teamwork involves embracing all of the unique skills and talents within the team.

Problem-Solving Within Teams
Exercise: Letters Solve a Problem
This teamwork and problem-solving exercise explores the difficulties of solving a problem which involves numerous people. Importantly, it highlights how  problem-solving becomes challenging when other team members have competing priorities.

Delivering The Vision
Exercise: Achieving A Shared Vision
This team-working activity pinpoints the specific steps that members of the team will take to deliver their vision, highlighting their unique contribution.

This teamwork course is structured so that delegates receive a strong element of practical activities and exercises. This helps to reinforce the theoretical content, thus equipping learners with the fundamental aspects of teamwork.


management trainer

Lois is your trainer and coach for this teamwork training course. During her 17 years in the in-house training, Lois expertly delivers a wide range of management and leadership courses and our clients positively feedback her ability to engage a team and her strong communication skills.

Notably, Lois is CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified, a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, DiSC and situational leadership. She brings her extensive experience and facilitation skills to this inhouse teamwork training programme.

Post-learning Team-working Materials

You’ll practice your acquired team-working skills back in your workplace. During this time, you may need to recall your training in day-to-day circumstances. Thankfully, we’ve an app for that. Your team management skills are easily accessible from a mobile in convenient 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you’re only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful ‘bite-sized’ recall of your team-building skills course.


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Our unique approach to enhancing your knowledge of teamwork and team-building starts with online video learning. For those managers who would like to improve their teamwork skills we deliver the key techniques online. Going forward, we offer motivated learners the ability to develop their ability to improve their teamwork with a Teamwork Training Workshop.

A full 6 hours, your training course is hosted by a teamwork trainer and facilitator who will work with you to improve your team-working skills. Contact our training consultants and let’s see how we can work together to build your teamwork skills and improve your team.

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