Leadership and Influence

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This article will hopefully portray to you the different ways of leading and having influence within your organisation, and why it is such a crucial aspect of effective business.

A leader can be defined as someone who commands a group or an organisation, or put more simply, a leader is someone who has followers. The role of the leader is a crucial component in a business, and is one which must be filled and then utilised to its maximum potential. However, there can be no leadership without influence because people lead others through influencing the way they work. Many may picture leaders as loud, strong and even bullish figures, but the act of conducting people falls into the job of management, whereas the job of leaders leans more towards guiding the individual and providing them with suggestions.

leadership at workThere are lots of important things a leader should take into account if they want to become the best at what they do, and I will talk about a few quickly now.

Firstly, it is vital that both you and the people you are leading have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve. The group should have a goal and there should be targets set out along the way to help them achieve it.

Secondly, you have to do everything you can to get the maximum out of employees and make them feel comfortable contributing. Forbes defines leadership as “a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” The more you can hone each individual’s strengths, the quicker you are going to get results, and the better they will be.

Finally, it will help you to no end if you succeed in recognizing and possibly rewarding each and every member of your group. Not only does this make workers feel appreciated and happy, leading to a higher standard of work, but if employees see peers being rewarded then this is something desirable to them and will motivate them to work harder. This process will mean a constant raising of the bar in the workplace.

If you have deduced from reading this article that leadership could be an area in which your business could improve, then here are several places you can look to either learn more about the topic, or even to start your search for someone who can help you on your way to stronger leadership:

  • Kendra Cherry writes about the psychological side of improving your leadership skills on about.com.
  • Shelly Holmes writes on makeadentleadership.com about how, as a leader, you can influence the workplace environment.
  • Train in a Day can provide your organisation with efficient and effective short training course which will focus on and improve certain aspects of your organisations leadership scheme.

by Tom Witcomb