Management Skills Launched via Udemy

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We are delighted to announce that all our core management skills are now available as online learning modules on Udemy.

This allows for a blended learning approach to your training needs with clients receiving the relevant modules free when they hire an external trainer.

The courses cover the ‘knowledge’ element of these core management and people development skills using HD video with professional narration and quizzes which test learning.

Additionally, all courses come with MP3 to download, a full student manual and mind maps and cheat sheets.

communication skills training image

communications skills launched on Udemy

Communication Skills Training

The first e-learning course to launch is Communication Skills: How To Improve Your Communication Skills In One Day.

From an initial overview the course covers verbal and non-verbal communication skills, listening skills, questioning skills and appreciative enquiry.

FREE Learning For 50 Users

To celebrate the launch we are offering free access to the first 50 users who claim the coupon code COMMSFREE50

The course is accessible at

So go and claim your free e-learning now before someone gets there first.

by Carl Duncker

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