How Do Management Training Companies Compare?

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Management Training Providers: How They Compare

Any training manager looking for a management training company is spoilt for choice. A Google search for management training alone throws back 667,000,000 million results. Of course, that’s the number of pages mentioning the topic but it is clear that there are many companies delivering such courses.

This brief article will attempt to narrow down your options when choosing a management training provider.

Notable Management Training Companies

Ask a training manager and a number of companies will trip off their tongue without any hesitation. The most notable of these being the CIPD or Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

The CIPD is the world’s “largest Chartered HR and development professional body”. They boast over 135,000 members, mostly committed people engaged in building a career in human resources. In recent times they have branched out into training courses, as part of their learning and development remit, but haven’t quite mastered this area of working life. Other training institutions which focus solely on learning and development do that.

management training companies image

management training companies

Their training section boasts an impressive portfolio of courses ranging from HR, to management training to employment law. Additionally, of course, they deliver the accredited CIPD qualifications in HR.

A glimpse at their management section boasts an impressive line of courses including Facilitation Skills, Coaching Skills, Introduction to Management, Motivating Employees and Managing Across Cultures.

Their Prices? Ouch! Advanced Facilitation Skills for 1 day? That will be £510 + VAT please. Workplace Motivation? That will be £650 + VAT please.

Clearly, the CIPD have an excellent reputation. And a thoroughly wide range of training courses on offer. On the other side you are asked to invest a substantial amount of money for 6 hours training input. With a small amount of searching you could probably find a decent management coach to give you one-to-one input for a similar price. If you are a large-sized established business with a decent training budget then CIPD could be a sound choice for you. If you are a smaller business and training resources are limited, you may want to seek further options.

Reed Learning

As a commercial training provider, Reed are firmly focused on management training for business and non-profits alike.

There wide range of courses cover both 1 day, residential courses, and in-house training alike. Their topics include management, leadership and personal development. They boast a large number of in-house training clients and over 250 scheduled courses.

If you are looking to place a new manager on a management training course then Reed Learning could be a viable option for you. So how do they compare for prices?

Here are some examples: Introduction to Management for 2 days at £970; Effective Delegation 1 day @ £540 + VAT; Motivating for Success 1 day @ £510 + VAT

Again, this is a substantial investment if you are a small or even medium sized business looking for a 1 day management course, for instance.

So are there alternatives?

Train In A Day Training

Traininaday offer 1-day training courses in management, leadership, marketing and social media. Their range of management courses includes Management Essentials, Team-building, Motivating Employees and other core management skills training.

The range is narrower than the providers above yet covers the majority of disciplines that learners seek when becoming a new manager or looking to improve their existing management skills.

Although they don’t offer public courses, they do deliver in-house training courses on your premises.

The good news is that an in-house management course, for example, starts at only £997. That is a great return on investment for a training manager. For instance, the cost of two learners attending a Reed Learning scheduled course would be greater than training a whole team of learners on your premises.

Management Training and Development Options

So the training manager looking to invest in management skills for their employees has a number of options. Ultimately, it will be down to the mix of benefits they are seeking and the size of their training budget which will determine their choice of management training provider.

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