Performance Management Training Course

On this inhouse course in managing performance, your managers will learn how to conduct a performance appraisal, plan for difficult conversations, how a good disciplinary process works, and prepare for conducting a performance review, on this inhouse training course...

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From £98 per manager

  • Trainer: Lois Grant
  • People: Up to 12
  • Length: 6 – 7 hours
  • Inhouse: We Come To You

What You'll Learn

Following this course in performance management, your line managers’ will:

  • Have a broader understanding of the key skills needed in HR management.
  • Be able to plan an effective performance review.
  • Be able to manage difficult conversations with employees.
  • Understand how to conduct disciplinaries
  • Be able to understand and improve employee engagement.

Following completion of this course in managing performance, you'll be a better prepared and more confident line manager.

From "how do I manage a disciplinary?" to helpful strategies for improving employee engagement, you'll be taken through practical and step-by-step processes that help you develop the performance management process for your business.

“What great days! As a team it was great spending quality time together and made you feel you were a part of something bigger.”Leader, Synergy Partnership
In-company Performance Management Training
Classroom exercises in the performance management process incorporating fun elements to practice performance management skills and develop key learning points.
Introduction: Your Year in Review
  • Summarise pre-learning
  • Reflect on your previous year and review what went well, what was challenging and what was learnt
  • Receive questions
The Benefit of Disciplinary Process : Your Organisation
This exercise will explore the organisations disciplinary process whilst helping learners understand their responsibility within it.

Difficult Conversations: We Need To Talk

A great exercise to build learners confidence in having difficult conversations with employees.

Effective Recruitment Process: To Do
A training exercise in best practice where learners prepare what needs to be completed prior to recruiting new staff.

Performance Review Exercise: How To Deliver A Performance Review
A practical exercise to help managers prepare effectively for a performance review. Learners plan and identify open questions required for an effective review.
Employee Engagement Exercise: The Importance of Engagement
Managers discover what the differences are between satisfied, motivated and engaged employees and why it matters.

Have this inhouse course, delivered at your office, from £98 per person

This performance management course can be delivered inhouse, from £998 per team
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Performance Management Course Content

hr training course materials

Following completion of this course in performance management, learners’ will be able to:

  • Further develop their role as a line manager.
  • Be able to prepare an effective performance review.
  • Be able to manage difficult conversations with employees and colleagues alike.
  • Understand how to recruit employees, using structured techniques, to improve employee retention.
  • Understand what an effective disciplinary process looks like.
  • Learn what makes for engaged employees

After engaging in this performance management training, you'll be more confident in managing bad behaviour recruiting, selecting, engaging and managing your employees.

From "how do I improve employee engagement?" to strategies for managing poor employees plus how to handle uncomfortable conversations, line managers are taken through practical techniques that build their confidence in managing and following a performance management process.

“An interesting and stimulating day! Thank you- I really enjoyed it.” Head of Midwifery, Stoke Mandeville Hospital
  • Training on-site
  • Engaging trainer
  • Post-training support
  • From only £98 per manager
  • Pre-learning materials
  • Accommodation included
  • Travel included

Get inhouse performance management training from £998 per team

Your inhouse training in performance management from £98 per manager
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Course Description

Learn how to manage a performance management process in your team.

This course in managing employee performance is for line managers who need a process for managing poor performers and engaging employees.

The management skills that line managers will bring back to their organisation are:

  • Explain a Performance Management Process
  • Understand Where They Are Winning And Need To Improve
  • Be Able To Manage Difficult Conversations
  • Prepare Performance Reviews
  • Explain The Importance Of The Disciplinary Process
  • Take Steps To Improve Employee Engagement
Our Inhouse Training Style

This introduction to performance management is a blend of classroom and on-line training to share a performance management process. Line managers will learn the performance management principles and processes using practical exercises and activities. They'll review their current approach to performance management and the systems they rely on to manage their team.

You'll return to your day-to-day management role with a clearer understanding of what is required to manage bad performers and to engage motivated employees. Also, you'll gain access to our complimentary management skills app, accessible from your mobile in handy 60-seconds videos. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, this bonus training is helpful in improving your line management skills.

Your Inhouse Training Course Tutor

Lois is your trainer and coach. With extensive experience across both commercial and public sector clients, Lois delivers this management course and regularly receives positive feedback on her ability to engage employees quickly. Ofcourse, Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, and DiSC leadership styles.

your trainer for this course

Why choose this Management Course?

Improve your performance management process with the UK's best-value inhouse training programs


Pre-learning training materials raise your managers’ knowledge of the subjects explored throughout their training.

Classroom Training

Inhouse performance management training delivered at your offices from £98 per manager.

Post Training Support

Our library of management videos via our app promotes learning retention and improves the effectiveness of your management skills


Your team of managers will benefit from pre-learning content and self-assessment exercises. These are provided below and should be completed before the inhouse management day.

Post-Learning Support

You'll practice your newly-developed management skills back in the workplace. Here you will need to recall your learning in busy day-to-day situations. Thankfully, we've an app for that.

Your performance management skills are accessible from your mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you're only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful 'bite-sized' recall of your performance management skills training.

Stronger Processes with Performance Management Training

An opportunity to build your performance management process and build your confidence.

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    1. I am interested in attending one of your Essential HR training courses in London. Can you let me know when you are planning to run the next one, how I’d go about booking a place and what the cost would be?

      Many thanks,

      Polly Prior

      1. Post

        Thanks Polly. We have no public HR courses scheduled currently. If you are looking for HR training inhouse, with your team, feel free to call or request a quote online. Thanks

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