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Management Training Resources for Trainers

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Where do you go for training resources in management and leadership development? When needed to deliver management training there are a number of options you have available to you:

1. Create Your Own Training Material

You know your people best and, of course, as a learning and development professional you will know the type of training delivery and interventions that your people need. So why not create your own material?

Time maybe the main factor. Creating training resources is a time-consuming process. The advantage of course is that you get to produce purely bespoke training resources. If you are able to do this – great. However, why re-invent the wheel?

2. Source Training Materials

Management training is a major subject in the learning and development arena. And let’s be honest and say that your

graphic of training materials

training materials

organisation’s training requirements are not unique to your managers alone. Most business face the same management problems over time. So why not use the existing expertise and source management training materials from elsewhere?

There are various sources of valuable training resources:

Trainer Bubble – an excellent portfolio of training materials, activities and handouts for the training professional. They have a wide range of training workbooks and material for you to adopt or adapt for your training courses.

Traininaday – as a leading provider of in-house training courses we have a proud portfolio of training materials for the management courses which we offer. We have now decided to share some of these with training managers.

Why would we share our management training resources? We have confidence in our materials and the courses we offer. It’s difficult for you to have visibility of how we can help you until you make the decision to hire us as an external trainer. So we’d like to help you with your decision-making process by offering you visibility of our management and leadership training materials, videos, handouts and activities for free.

Of course, we’d like you to spread the word too so, if you’re able, we ask you to tweet, like or share these management resources on our behalf.

3. External Management Trainer

You may not want to use training resources for your management development. In fact, you may simply choose to have someone do all the work for you. Training managers who wish to hire an external trainer for their inhouse training choose traininaday for a variety of reasons. It may be the unbeatable value, the fantastic training materials or the excellent facilitators who bring the best out of your team. Whatever their reasons, if you are considering a management training day, consider our portfolio of essential management development courses. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget, FREE training resources in management development are available now.

by Carl Duncker

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