Marketing Courses: Your Options

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Which Marketing Courses?

Selecting the right marketing courses can be a daunting task. A quick search on Google brings back 322,000,000 results alone. Where do you start?

All good marketing courses will provide you with a sound grounding in one or more marketing techniques. So your decision will be based more on the method of delivery than anything else.

So with that in mind, here is a brief description of the types of marketing courses you can apply and enrol for:

Free Marketing Courses

O.K. where is the catch? actually there may not be one. There are some excellent training courses available by renowned

google search for marketing courses

marketing courses

universities on Coursera was set up by a small number of US university Professors who wanted to experiment with delivering their courses online. The site has been a great success with other non-US universities joining and many thousands of students enrolling on each course. However, there are as yet no marketing courses available.

So that leaves standard marketing training being offered for free. Be careful – often you will receive only a fraction of a course and will be expected to pay for further content. So the saying “no such thing as a free lunch” hold true here.

Online Marketing Courses

That is courses on marketing that are delivered online. Not courses on online marketing, known as digital marketing. See the difference?

Online courses are a great way of gaining knowledge about a subject without having to attend classroom training. No travel, no time restrictions, cheaper cost. There are certainly a great number of things in favour of online marketing courses.  The only downside is that people learn best when in groups. The ability to interact and gain understanding from others experiences is one of the hallmarks of learning. There is of course blended learning – that is a mixture of classroom training and online courses.

Part-time Marketing Courses

Most professional marketing qualifications are delivered part-time with a focus on either evening or weekend delivery. This allows the marketing professional to continue their vocation whilst learning a new marketing skill. The Chartered Institute of Marketing traditionally offer part-time marketing courses to thousands of students across the globe. They are not cheap but you do receive an accredited qualification once you complete the course and pass the examinations.

University Marketing Courses

Of course, you can go to university to study marketing – that’s what I did. Marketing is a useful function for anyone going into business. From my own experience, a marketing degree is useful as it gives you some very important fundamentals. However, I learnt the most important aspects of my marketing knowledge when I was working and when completing my professional marketing qualifications.

If any of the above learning formats are of interest to you then there are highlighted below some options regarding marketing courses for you:

University Marketing Courses – try University of Abertay Dundee. Dundee Business School offer a variety of marketing training courses on consumers and brands.

Online Marketing Courses – you could try the Online Marketing College. They deliver a good range of online marketing courses on everything from Google SEO to mobile website design.

Part-time Marketing Courses – look no further than the Chartered Institute of Marketing. They have been delivering part-time professional marketing qualifications since the beginning of time – or almost.

So there you have it, a wide range of marketing courses are available to anyone in a variety of suitable formats depending on your individual circumstances.

by Carl Duncker

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