Marketing Training Course

With this training in basic marketing techniques, you'll learn how to market products and services, define your customer avatar, understand your customers' buying behaviour, position your product and choose an appropriate marketing strategy.

Your team will finish the day with a marketing game-plan summarising all the action points and commitments made on this marketing training course.

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  • Trainer: Carl
  • People: Up to 12
  • Length: 6 to 7 hours
  • Inhouse: We Come To You

From £98 per manager when taken, inhouse, at your offices

What You'll Learn

Following this inhouse course in marketing skills, you and your marketing team will be able to:

  • Understand and promote the role of marketing.
  • Specifically pinpoint your customers' needs with your marketing team.
  • Map and manage your customers' buying behaviour and increase revenue.
  • Understand how customers buy, using problem-solution thinking, to improve their experience.
  • Map your customer acquisition strategy.

Having completed this marketing training, you'll have a more effective and more confident marketing team!

From "how do I know my customer?" to "where do we go to increase Turnover?" your team will learn tested marketing strategies that help plan your way forward. We'll take your marketing team through practical, step-by-step marketing techniques that clarify how your marketing should be done.

“What great days! As a team it was great spending quality time together and made you feel you were a part of something bigger."Leader, Synergy Partnership

Get this Inhouse Marketing Training, from £98 per employee

This basic marketing course, delivered at your offices, from £998 per team
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What are the Marketing Training Activities?

Team exercises which explore core marketing disciplines. We incorporate team learning to build an understanding of core marketing skills and develop key learning with marketing employees and your marketing team.

Introduction: The Role of Marketing
  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions
Customer Avatar Exercise: Understanding Your Customer:

Your marketing team work together to agree your ideal customer profile, their needs, experiences and behaviours.

Marketing Effectiveness Exercise: Problem or Solution?

A training exercise in understanding customer needs. Learners explore problems and solutions plus the difference between features and benefits. Finally, your team will improve their own understanding of your product or service by constructing benefits via a team game.

marketing training in customer benefits
Customer Segments Exercise: Mapping Your Marketplace

A group exercise that maps your customer segments. Your team learns how a marketplace is many different segments brought together.

training in customer segmentation

Marketing Strategy Options: How To Get To Your Marketing Goals

A group exercise that shares the limited number of options marketers have to grow the business.
marketing trainer delivering a strategy workshop

Option A: Promotional Activities
Traditional Marketing
An exploration of the pros and cons and costs of traditional marketing and advertising options.
Option B: Promotional Activities
Digital Marketing Advertising

An exploration of the pros and cons and costs of digital marketing and remarketing advertising options.

Get Inhouse Training in Marketing Skills, from £98 per manager

This basic marketing course, delivered at your office, from £998 per team
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What Will I Learn About Becoming an Effective Marketing Team?

After this training in marketing, your team will know:

  • Their preferred and alternative management styles.
  • How to transform from team-member to new manager.
  • How to manage the most common management situations.
  • How to prepare and manage difficult conversations effectively.
  • How to delegate effectively to improve employees' motivation.
  • How to effectively deliver constructive feedback.
  • From only £98 per manager
  • Marketing course materials
  • Travel and Accommodation included

Aims of this Basic Marketing Training

basic management training materials

Learn how marketing can increase revenue and build profitable customer journeys.

Invite your team to this basic marketing training course. Marketing managers and executives will learn important and practical techniques and benefit from an engaging team-building training day.

The new marketing skills that your marketing team will learn are:

  • Promote Your Marketing Team
  • How To Define Your Customer Avatar
  • Know Your Customer By Mapping Their Journey
  • Positioning Your Product or Service
  • The Pros and Cons of Promotional Advertising Channels
  • Choose A Suitable Marketing Strategy

Our Training Style

This marketing training is provided with a mix of inhouse training and pre-learning. This add solidity to the learning your marketing team experience. Employees begin to explore core marketing principles with a pre-learning activity. This learning continues with training in key marketing processes managed by your marketing trainer. The course is more effective as your marketing team attend the training day better prepared.

Your team will practice their new marketing skills back in the office. Here they will need to remember their learning as they deliver your marketing plan.

Each of the core marketing strategies are provided within a free marketing handbook. This contains the handouts, briefs and plans for this basic marketing course.

Reassuringly, your marketing team are only ever a page away from their new marketing techniques.

Your Trainer for this Marketing Bootcamp

Carl is your marketing trainer for this training course. With vast experience across both commercial and public sector marketing placements, Carl facilitates this marketing training and draws upon his own experiences across a 25 year marketing career. Carl receives positive feedback with customers noting his straight-forward and practical approach. Additionally, Carl has begun a diverse portfolio of start-ups and shares his learning from this with your marketing team.

Carl is your marketing trainer for this course

Why this Basic Marketing Training?

Build the productivity of your marketing team with the UK's best-value training programs


Pre-learning training materials raise your employees’ awareness of the core marketing techniques.

Classroom Training

Cost-effective marketing training taken at your offices from £98 per manager.

Post Training Support

Our manual of marketing handouts within this course support your team and improves their learning retention.

Pre-learning for Basic Marketing

Your marketing team will begin learning new skills with these pre-learning exercises. These are provided below and should be completed before the marketing training day.

Post-Learning Support

You'll practice your newly-developed management skills back in the workplace. Here you will need to recall your learning in busy day-to-day situations. Thankfully, we've an app for that.

Your essential management skills are accessible from your mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you're only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful 'bite-sized' recall of your basic management skills training.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness with Training in Marketing

An opportunity to learn modern marketing techniques and build the effectiveness of your team.

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    3. Hi
      I just wondered if there is any training during the Easter break and how much will it cost? I’m interested in marketing, digital marketing and few of the management courses.
      Maggie Whittaker

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        Thanks Maggie. We offer online training and group training on-site. Feel free to call if either of these options work for you.

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