Essential Marketing Course

Discover What Marketing Is, How To Acquire Leads, Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques, and Focused Marketing Communications on this Basic Marketing Course 


Learn how to leverage maximum profits and value from your marketing on this 1 day marketing training day. This Basic Marketing Course is delivered as a blended learning solution in which learners will gain a broad understanding of core marketing techniques.


The introduction to marketing skills that students will learn within the e-learning modules include…

  • What is Marketing?
  • How To Calculate Your Marketing ROI
  • The Marketing Model
  • Establishing the ‘Why?’ For Your Brand
  • What Promotional Strategies Are Available?
  • Direct Marketing
  • PR & Thought Leadership
  • Internet Marketing With Google
  • Fundamentals of Google SEO
  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing Techniques
  • Capturing Leads
  • Choosing the most effective marketing choices for your budget


During in-house training, your marketing team will have the benefit of a chartered marketer facilitate six hours of highly interactive activities. The marketing skills employees will cover include…

The Role of a Marketing Manager

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • ActivityCalculate Your Marketing ROI

Branding Basics

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Define the ‘Why?’ For Your Brand

Your Promotional Strategies

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Agree Promotional Strategies For Your Product/Service/Company

Write A Press Release

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Write A Press Release For Your Product/Service/Company

Write An AdWords Advertisement

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Write A Google AdWords Ad

Your Social Media Tactics

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Build Social Media Tactics

Your Marketing Budget

  • Review online learning modules
  • Receive questions
  • Activity: Construct Your Marketing Budget


 You’ll experience the benefits of your new marketing skills back in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of your marketing job. So how will you retrieve your learning back in the office? Thankfully, we’ve an app for that. Your basic marketing course modules are accessible from your mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style with professional voice-overs you’re only ever a mobile phone or tablet away from a helpful ‘bite-sized’ recall of your core marketing techniques.
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This course is designed for all those who are involved with marketing, whether new to the discipline, taking on additional marketing responsibilities or seasoned marketers looking to refresh their outlook. All those who want to master the skills of marketing, enhance their knowledge and confidence would benefit from engaging with this course.
Marketing permeates all aspects of business life. However, many marketing courses are concerned with teaching practitioners theories and concepts about marketing, rather than tangible skills that can be used to increase sales. Not this course. Train In A Day’s one-day marketing course is designed to deliver a toolbox of essential marketing skills to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and promotions.
Your marketing spend If you are like 90% of the companies you compete with then your marketing spend is likely to look something like this. With a high reliance on advertising, and very little, if any SERIOUS focus on other methods of marketing. How does your marketing spend compare? If you really want to get ahead of the competition and sky rocket your return on investment then we need to think differently. I’m going to propose to you now that you can gain more customers, increase your revenue with existing customers and REDUCE your marketing spend. That’s right, REDUCE your marketing spend whilst increasing revenue AND GROWING your customer base. I want you to consider two concepts. The first is the cost per sale. That is, the amount you are spending on advertising and any other form of promotion to achieve one sale. The second concept is how much are you spending on promotion to achieve one enquiry? By rigorously analyzing every area of our marketing spend can we begin to understand the amount of waste AND assess other marketing activity that we may not have considered. Google Analytics will help you quantify the effectiveness of your marketing spend – both online methods such as Google AdWords and OFFLINE methods such as traditional advertising – and best of all it is absolutely FREE.
As a delegate on this course you will receive a detailed handbook including a copy of the presentation and notes to work through and apply your learning as well as cheat sheets and mindmaps.

Learners find that the marketing course guide works effectively as both a document of the learning and as an essential reference.

We learn best in groups with interaction and engagement so we limit attendance to a maximum of 12 learners. Along with your marketing facilitator, conducting your marketing training in a small group and the engagement this brings delivers the most effective learning environment.
Documented evidence of your attendance and completion of the course and 6 hours learning towards your CPD. Professional organisations such as Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development accept this learning towards your annual CPD requirement. All learners receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training day.

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Your facilitator for this basic marketing course is Carl Duncker, Chartered Marketing Consultant MCIM.

Carl Duncker, is recognised as a leading UK marketing trainer, delivering marketing courses to business leaders, entrepreneurs and public sector managers. Carl is a Chartered Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With 15 years of marketing management within b2b, b2c and public sector organisations, Carl brings a valuable wealth of experience to your training course in a friendly and welcoming style.

Having written an impressive portfolio of marketing courses for marketing managers, Carl is able to offer unique insights and tried and tested expertise when running this 1-day Basic Marketing Essentials training course.

Our unique approach to blended learning starts with video training. Marketing practitioners must invest in fundamental marketing skills if they are to create a viable marketing plan. If you would like to discover how to master the marketing basics we can help. Marketing training videos take you through the essential principles in marketing. Additionally, our learning is supported by the opportunity to problem-solve your marketing and business challenges in the classroom with a marketing trainer. Lasting 6 hours, your day is facilitated by an experienced marketing trainer whose only objective is to enhance your grasp of fundamental marketing skills – whether it be through case studies, problem-solving or any suitable training intervention.  Contact a marketing trainer and let’s see how we can progress your skills together.


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