One Day Essential HR Courses

One-day HR courses provided by Train in a Day are short training schemes focusing on a variety of areas of Human Resource Management.

What are One Day HR Courses?

HR training coursesTrain in a Day’s HR courses are training programs that last just one working day; each course covers the key range of HR disciplines that improve skills, enhance employee performance and ensure the legal compliance of your organisation. The length of Traininaday’s courses, coupled with the range of different delivery methods available, means that one-day HR courses are highly flexible, enabling our courses to suit the needs of almost any organisation.

Benefits of One Day HR Courses

One-day HR courses are designed in such a way that makes them accessible to the full range of HR practitioners: whether one is an experienced HR professional, or requires an introduction to the core HR concepts, all participants will gain new knowledge and fresh insight into human resource management through Train in a Day’s courses.

Participation on any of Train in a Day’s one-day HR courses will generate a number of benefits, including:

  • Gaining an overview of what HR departments need to cover
  • Encouraging an awareness of employment legislation
  • Which in turn should give HR professionals a greater level of confidence when dealing with employment issues
Wider benefits to an organisation that utilizes an HR training course should therefore include:
  • Increased awareness and compliance with employment legislation
  • A reduction incidences of employments rights lawsuits
  • An improvement in employee motivation if staff feel that their needs are being met by improved human resource management

Portfolio of One Day HR Courses

Train in a Day offer a variety of one-day HR courses, with each course covering one of the main areas of human resource management. Available courses include:

Improving the knowledge of your HR professionals in any of these areas will generate tangible benefits in your organisation.

Methods of Delivery

Train in a Day’s one-day HR courses are also highly flexible in terms of methods of delivery. Learning can take place…

  • In interactive workshops
  • In classroom-style sessions
  • Or even online HR training

All of which means that there is bound to be an HR course that will suit the needs of your organisation, whatever those may be.