Stress Management

Stress Management Course

Occupational stress poses a risk to many organisations – it’s important that managers meet this challenge by dealing with excessive and long-term causes of stress. Don’t let stress damage your working life, or that of your colleagues any longer…

Who is it for?

Many people can benefit from Traininaday’s one-day stress management course. If you struggle to manage your own stress in your work life, or if you’re a manager looking to control the causes and effects of stress in others, then this Stress Management Course is for you.

What is it about?

Traininaday’s one-day stress management course will give participants an understanding of the causes of stress in the workplace and how this can impact upon performance, and go on to teach practical methods to manage these pressures and restore calm, clarity and concentration to organisational roles. This includes looking at how to manage difficult people, and how to handle situations where there is a conflict of needs. The course also covers a range of techniques designed to deal with personal stress in your own work life.

What will I learn?

The course covers a range of areas relating to stress, with participants learning key skills, techniques and principles to control stress in their organisations, including…

  • how to assess personal stress levels
  • ways to identify common causes of stress in the workplace
  • strategies to manage different stress-related situations effectively
  • techniques to relax and reduce physical health risks
  • methods of helping others to identify and manage their stress
  • how to adapt to changes in working routine or environment
  • time management training
  • how to differentiate between reactivity and responsibility

Stress Management Course TrainerManagement Trainer

Your trainer for this Stress Management Trainer is: Helen Hinds

A member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development,  Helen Hinds delivers stress management training courses to both public sector companies and commercial organisations to help them reduce the negative effects of stress and improve the psychological welfare of staff within their organisations.

Helen has written an impressive portfolio of HR courses for Human Resource Managers, bringing a unique wealth of experience and insight to this stress management training course.