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This is an article allowing you and your business to gain a valuable insight into the art of performance management.

Performance management can be implemented at a number of levels, but the overall aim is the same: to enhance employee effectiveness and efficiency to ensure that goals are consistently being met in the workplace. It can also be defined as the analysis of an employee, subsequently followed by an improvement of skills and therefore an increase in performance levels.

The framework of the performance management process begins with a mission statement being drawn up, setting the standards for specific jobs and areas within a business. If certain employees or whole sections of your business do fall below your expected standards, a proper and precise improvement cycle can begin, with training and further appraisal combining to form the best possible practice.

Performance management can become a very sustainable part of business if it is integrated successfully into your company. However, delivering and performing performance management is a very specific task so initially, external help is very likely to be needed. Employing a performance manager or performance management company regularly over a period of time is a cost and time effective way of learning new skills which can be passed down to employees by managers. Methods such as a performance appraisal, where the skills of an employee are evaluated and then specifically targeted for improvement, provide critical pathways for development of an employee and their confidence in their understanding and performance.

Employees are, of course, a crucial component in the structure of a business and if their performance levels drop, so do the companies. Employing a performance management company provides you with new individual opinions on what employees need to improve and how they can go about doing it. Managers of a company meeting with performance managers enable valuable insight into company prospects structured around the development of employees. Creating methods of improvement is aided by being able to bring together several opinions and moulding them into one, or simply choosing the best idea.

If you do take the decision to move your business forward through the facility of performance management, below are several companies who pride themselves on their performance management standards and are certain to increase your employees productivity:

  • Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations.
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) assists organisations in building their HR and leadership capability.
  • Train in a Day provides one day performance management courses, targeting specific areas for improvement to raise your company’s efficiency and employee effectiveness.


  • In 1998, Armstrong and Baron defined performance management as ‘a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved.’

Although some have already been mentioned, there are countless benefits to involving performance management with your organisation. As you begin to see improvement in your business, a large proportion of this will be down to employees now understanding their role in the company better. In any job, if you further understand how you are contributing to projects then your engagement levels will rise and you will be more proactive in what you do. Employees will see how their actions will directly improve the company and they will be more motivated in their work. Performance management can lead to simplified communication so that each discussion is focused on moving the business forward. Performance management also has the benefit of being flexible and responsive to management needs and therefore is sure to be a positive in any organisation.

Train in a Day provides high level performance management training from its base in Manchester, delivering strategies to develop employee skills and keep company standards high. If you are looking for a performance management company, visit for more details.

What is performance management?

Performance management can be defined as the analysis of an employee, subsequently followed by an improvement of skills and therefore an increase in performance levels.