PRESS RELEASE: New Leadership Training Videos Launched

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Leadership Training Videos Launched

It has long been known by learning and development professionals that for training interventions to succeed they must be supported by post-learning repetition and application. As part of its commitment to the learning and development commitment,  traininaday has launched its portfolio of video leadership courses free of charge to its in-house training customers.

Traininaday has listened to feedback from training managers and future leaders alike who want more than a one day training course. They want continued support as they implement new techniques and sharpen their leadership skills. However, coaching and one-to-one support is only available to those with large training budgets and so the challenge is find a solution which is attractive and yet which is cost-effective to most training departments.

Leadership Skills Portfolio

Follow-up video training offers that solution. Leadership training videos are now available as traininaday expand their growing management

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leadership training

development training library. Core course include leadership skills, coaching and mentoring, negotiating skills, and teamwork training.  Available on both mobile and desktop devices, the course videos act as an easily accessible resource for learners following a leadership training day.

Importantly, these training videos are provided free of charge when a company hires an external trainer making in-house training accessible to those with even modest training resources.

Improved Return on Investment

Carl Duncker of traininaday comments “Training Managers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the return on investment from their training spend. By ditributing these leadership training videos to learners not only are training interventions more effective but learning professionals have a stronger business case for going forward.”

Learning and development professionals can find further details including the full portfolio of leadership development titles at traininaday.

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