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Leading training company launches free video training courses

Successful training managers know that learners quickly forget what they have learned if it is not repeated and reinforced. To help combat this, traininaday today delivers its vast video training library free of charge to all clients purchasing an in-house training course.

One of the great challenges for any learning and development program is to try to ensure that the learning is retained. This can be done in a number of ways from coaching, to quizzes and e-mail follow-up, shared social media resources and conference calls.

However, many of these follow-up techniques rely on a third party. With video training, however, learners have the benefit of access to key learning materials at a time that is convenient to them.

Video training is now available for management training programs including, but not limited to, assertiveness and self-confidence, meeting management, management essentials, communication skills, and how to motivate employees. All video courses cover the fundamentals of each topic with narrated tutorials and several hours of learning per subject. These are available in formats accessible on both desktops and mobile devices.

Furthermore, these training videos are provided free of charge to companies who hire a traininaday trainer to deliver an in-house training course.

Carl Duncker of Train in a Day says “Hiring an external trainer to deliver your training day is a not an insignificant investment and encouraging the retention of learning is rightly important. By offering these video course materials to our clients we are improving the effectiveness of their training whilst at the same time increasing the return on investment of their training budget”

Training managers who’d like to know more can view the full range of management training courses available and how to access the free video training at traininaday.

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