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Learn How to Manage Employees, Manage Your Time Effectively, and Manage Remote Teams with Remote Training Courses via Zoom

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For new managers, line managers, and those managing remote teams, we've a remote training course that delivers as effectively as inhouse training

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Increase productivity, improve staff motivation and develop employee engagement with the UK's best-value remote training courses


Our pre-course materials allow staff to understand their strengths and weaknesses before the training day.

Remote Team Training

Remote management training delivered via Zoom from £89 per employee.

Engaging Training

A mobile training app featuring a portfolio of people skills tips helps learning retention and increases ROI.

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Engaging trainers
  • Learn through doing
  • From £89 per employee
  • Pre-learning materials
  • Teams and open courses

Remote Training Courses via Zoom

Engaging remote training courses delivered via Zoom. From 2004, we’ve worked with hundreds of managers and employees to develop their management skills in-house. Now, with the demand and the technology to deliver training to the standard required, we can offer our training courses remotely. Our suite of one-day management training courses for remote working includes…

Line Management Course

New manager? Or existing manager needing to improve your skills? Either way, on this remote line management training course, you will develop your skills in 5 key disciplines: management style; delegation; feedback; 1-2-1 conversations; and coaching employees.

Time Management Course

Become the master of your time and your schedule with this remote course in time management. Learn prioritisation techniques, perform better under pressure, and build the confidence to say no to unnecessary interruptions. Using fun training games and team participation, you'll face challenges which develop your time management skills.

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Managing Remote Teams

Respond to the challenges facing your remote workers and the skills they need to work productively at home. You'll understand the importance your remote team leadership plays in the performance of remote workers. Explore how to be an effective remote team manager adapting your communication, bringing your team together and sharing a common goal.

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Your Trainer for Remote Courses

Lisa is your remote trainer and coach. With energy, engagement and valuable training experience, Lisa hosts and facilitates these remote training courses. Attendees regularly praise Lisa's ability to engage learners whilst delivering practical yet enjoyable remote training courses.

Lisa designs training activities that stretch employees abilities and develop their management skills.

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