Communication Skills for Teams

On this communication skills course, you'll learn how to communicate effectively within a team, master questioning, challenging and clarifying, communicate clearly and improve your communication skills across the team..
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  • Trainer: Lois
  • People: Up to 12
  • Length: 6 to 7 hours
  • Inhouse: We Come To You

From £98 per manager when delivered, onsite, at your company

What You'll Learn

Following this communication skills training, your employees will be able to:

  • Overcome communication barriers.
  • Build rapport with colleagues and others.
  • Understand the importance of avoiding assumptions and actively listening.
  • Make communications clear whilst understanding the importance of clarity.
  • Recognise messages we send and what is received can be different.
  • Understand how to achieve clarity through open questioning techniques.
  • Build the confidence to manage difficult conversations.
  • Improve communication across teams.

Following completion of this course in effective communication, you'll be a more effective, influential and more confident communicator!

From "how can I listen more effectively?" to helpful strategies for questioning employees communications for clarity, we'll walk your employees through engaging, step-by-step activities that develop them into effective communicators...

"Very positive – every staff member got something out of the session and will be changing some form of their communication going forward.

The materials were good and easy to follow and there was a good variety of content.

Lois was excellent – immediately putting the group at ease and keeping things moving nicely."

Manager @ UCFB Wembley

Get this Communication Skills Course, from £98 per manager

This training course in communication, delivered at your offices, from £1180 per team
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In-company Communication Training Agenda

Engaging team exercises in key communication skills with team-building elements to build employees' effectiveness in communicating and which develop key learning points within the safety of your team.
Introduction: The Importance of Communication Skills
  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions
Communication Exercise: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

Employees address common barriers by identifying best-practice techniques to deliver improved communication.

Communicating a Problem!

A training exercise to explore how teams communicate in solving a problem. Learners are encouraged to gather relevant information and to  work together to problem solve.

Challenging Assumptions: How To Question and Challenge Others

Employees learn questioning techniques that resolve problems through questioning, probing and challenging.

Win, Win Game

A group exercise to encourage team members to look for win-win outcomes. Designed to improve day-to-day communication and teamwork, employees explore how they naturally respond to situations - aggressive, submissive or assertive.

Working in Remote Teams

Employees learn how different teams can work effectively whilst operating remotely from each other. Your team will understand what is required in terms of sharing knowledge and completing tasks.

Objective: Improve Communication Across Teams
Exercise: Desert Survival

A teamwork and communication activity where employees can test their communication and listening skills, build their ability to communicate across a team and problem-solve effectively. Additionally, employees learn that solutions work best when including the unique skills and talents across teams.

Here's What You'll Learn About Effective Communication

communication skills training course

Following this training in communicating at work, your employees will understand:

  • Common barriers to effective communication.
  • How to obtain clarity.
  • How to listen, question and challenge to get it right first time.
  • How to remove assumptions.
  • How to have difficult conversations with confidence.
  • How to communicate effectively within and across teams.
“This was the most engaging course I’ve ever experienced!” Publications Manager, Northumbria University
  • Training at your office
  • Engaging trainers
  • Post-learning support
  • From only £98 per manager
  • Pre-learning materials
  • Travel included
  • Accommodation included

Get this Communications Course, from £98 per manager

This communication skills training, delivered onsite, from £1180 per team
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inhouse communication course

Course Description

Learn how to improve communication across your team and build your employees communication skills.

This course in communication is for employees and managers yet to receive training in effective communication.

The communication skills that your team will bring back to the workplace include:

  • Improved Communication Skills
  • The Ability to Build Rapport
  • Be Able to Question and Challenge
  • Gain Clarity of Message
  • The Confidence to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Overcome Barriers and Challenge Assumptions
  • Become Alert to Possible Misinterpretation
  • Problem-Solve Through Communicating Across Your Team

Training Styles

This course in communication is brought to you and delivered using a mix of classroom and on-line facilitation. Following a short pre-learning exercise, employees engage in learning exercises with their team members at your office.  Your team members learn core communication principles through interventions, feedback and role plays led by your management trainer. This blended learning creates added-value and a first-class return on investment.

Your employees practice their communication skills back in their workplace. They'll need to recall their learning in busy day-to-day situations. Thankfully, their new skills are available from their mobile in handy 60-seconds videos. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, they're only ever a screen away from 'bite-sized' reminders of these management skills.

Your Communication Skills Trainer

Lois is your trainer in communication skills. With vast experience of delivering training courses across all industries, Lois facilitates this management course inhouse. Lois regularly receives positive feedback with clients praising her ability to engage with employees quickly and to deliver enjoyable communications skills training. Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators.

communication skills trainer

Why this Communications Course?

Keep building your team's skills with the UK's best-value training programs


Pre-learning training raise your employees’ knowledge of the communicating effectively.

Classroom Training

Cost-effective soft skills training courses delivered with your team from £98 per manager.

Post Training Support

Our library of training videos via our app promotes learning retention and improves your ROI.


Your team will benefit from these short training videos. Each team member should watch and come prepared to discuss on the inhouse training day.

training support for communication skills
Post-Learning Support

Your team will use their newly-acquired communication skills back in your workplace. They will need to recall their learning in day-to-day situations. Thankfully, their communication skills are available from their mobile in handy 60-seconds videos. Delivered with animation and professional voice-overs, they're 'bite-sized' reminders of this communication skills course.

Enhance Performance with Inhouse Training

An opportunity to build management skills in your workplace.

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