Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills: Deliver Effective Presentations, Discover Planning and Structuring Techniques, and Deliver Presentations With Confidence


During your facilitator-led presentation skills training course, participants will explore how to deliver effective presentations with a clear understanding of how to prepare and structure dynamic presentations, and how to present effectively. A standard training day includes the following aims and outcomes:

• To ensure employees’ identify the necessary elements of an effective presentation
• To develop, through practice, their presenting skills

Following this presentation skills training, employees’ will be able to:
• Identify the elements to include and exclude to deliver effective presentations
• Be able to plan and structure presentations effectively
• Be mindful of, and make allowances for, your presentation venue
• Understand the role and purpose of visual aids in delivering an effective presentation
• Be able to present with confidence

Classroom Activities
Classroom exercises in presentation skills incorporating practical activities to practice presenting effectively and develop key learning points within the safety of an inhouse environment.

Effective Presentations
Summarise online learning
Receive questions

Presentation Planning
Game: Capturing Attention
Through this exercise, budding presenters will discover what listeners pay attention to with a check-list of powerful communication techniques.

Communicating With Power
Game: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
This exercise will identify key techniques for planning and structuring effective presentations.

Managing Difficult Audiences
Exercise: Presentation Nightmare
This exercise will highlight tips and techniques for managing difficult audiences when presenting.

Presentation Venue Preparation
Exercise: Venue Manager: A training exercise to help presenters prepare effectively for their presentation.

Presentation Problems and Solutions
Exercise: Pitfalls and Trampolines: a group exercise to identify challenges to delivering an effective presentation and explore suitable solutions.

Presentation Practice
Exercise: It’s all in the timing!: Learners discover the importance of practice and preparation to when delivering effective presentations.


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    Helen Hinds
    Caleb Storkey
    • presentation skills trainer
    • Presenter Trainer
    Helen Hinds MCIPD is an experienced and popular communications trainer. Customers tell us they appreciate Helen’s presentation skills, charisma and energy. Helen is a Chartered CIPD member delivering a huge amount of know-how to your presentation skills training day.
    Caleb’s energy and communication focus will motivate your employees to bring the best out of each other. Your employees will be energised by the presentation skills training Caleb brings to this in house training course.
    We deliver blended learning starting with pre-learning activities which will prepare your employees for their presentation skills course. Next, learners receive a facilitated presentation skills course workshop. Continuing for more than 6 hours, the core of the day is experiencing presentation training activities including role plays, games, and problem solving. Get in touch with a training consultant and see how we can help your employees develop their collective presenting skills.
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