Time Management Training

Help Employees Make Effective Use of Time, Learn to Prioritise Effectively, and Improve Productivity and Efficiency on this Inhouse Time Management Training Course


During this in house time management skills course, employees will learn powerful techniques and develop their skills in managing their time productively. A standard time management training course covers the following aims and outcomes:

• To deliver improvements in time management, and productivity, across a team.

Following this time management course, your employees’ will:
• Understand, create and apply SMART objectives to their responsibilities.
• Be able to manage and help eliminate time stealers.
• Acquire the ability to self-evaluate poor habits which impact effective time management.
• Apply proven techniques that help effective prioritisation and promote successful time management.

Classroom Activities
In-house training activities provide space for employees to develop and practice their time management skills. An engaging in-house course is led by a leading trainer and typically includes:

The Importance of Time Management
Explore pre-learning
Receive questions

Introduction to Time Management
Exercise: Wedding Planner: In this activity, learners explore the importance of time management and are introduced to some of the key aspects of effective time management

Mitigating Time-Stealers and Interruptions
Game: Time Bandits
This exercise will explore the impact of demands on our time and how to reduce or remove their impact

SMART Objectives
Exercise: Welcome
A group exercise to introduce participants to each other whilst developing SMART objectives.

Effective Prioritisation
Exercise: Urgent/Important: A training exercise in prioritising a complex number of tasks to achieve maximum productivity

Managing Time as a Team
Exercise: Hungry Chicks: A group exercise to test employees’ ability to communicate effectively and work co-operatively together, particularly under pressure.

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Helen Hinds - inhouse time management trainerYour Time Management Trainer

Your trainer for this course is: Helen Hinds MCIPD.

Both commercial and public sector firms have benefited from receiving time management skills training from Helen Hinds. As a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Helen has empowered many organisations to deliver a high quality training experience, leading to effective time management across teams.

Having written an impressive portfolio of time management courses for line managers, Helen brings a unique wealth of experience and insight to this time management skills training course.

We deliver blended learning starting with pre-learning which introduces employees to the importance of time management. Following this, your team receive a facilitated team management skills training course. Offering more than 6 hours of engaging training, the core of your training day is completing time management training activities, both as individuals and as a team, including role plays, games, and problem solving. Get in touch with a training consultant now and develop your team’s time management skills with inhouse time management training.
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