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People or Process and Managing Your Bias

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We’ve all met them. The manager who rarely gives praise, fails to develop their team’s skills and always wants the current task completed yesterday. Just as frustratingly, we can find ourselves in a team where tasks are rarely completed effectively, given sufficient planning and preparation time or given sufficient drive to move projects forward. What we’re encountering are alternative sides of the people | process coin. Naturally, as human beings we have a tendency to gravitate towards one style at the expense of the other. You may be someone focused on the task, with little thought given to the employees who you are giving responsibility to. Or you may be someone who invests in people first but whom has a poor …

Conflict Resolution

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This article aims to explain to you what conflict resolution is, when it can affect your organisation and why discovering and implementing the best conflict management methods of it is so vital to the well-being of individuals and the company as a whole. The concept of conflict resolution is defined as the different processes which can be put in place to facilitate the ending of conflict in a peaceful manner. If resolved effectively, then conflict can sometimes have a positive effect on relationships in the workplace. However, if the problems are not dealt with successfully then the results can be damaging, and conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike. This can lead to teamwork breaking down, and as people …