Searching For External Training Providers

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Part 2: Searching For Training Companies In the first part of “How To Improve Your External Training Company” we explored how to identify your management training needs. In this next section we share with you how to complete a productive search for suitable training providers: External Training Companies Once you have defined your training needs, the next step is to search for an appropriate training provider to meet those needs. Naturally, your first port of call may be your current training provider – having them fulfil your training needs could be advantageous as they will already have an existing knowledge of your company and trainers may already be known to your staff. However, even in situations where your company has used …

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Why Use an External Training Provider? [Updated 2018]

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External training providers are individual trainers or specialist training companies that are external and not linked to your organisation; these trainers will be brought in to educate and develop your workforce and to impart new skills to staff. In contrast, in-house trainers typically tend to take the form of individuals, or groups of individuals, who are placed higher up in an organisation and seek to pass on their expertise to those who are further down the corporate ladder. When seeking to enhance a workforce, most companies are faced with the same decision: do we provide training in-house, or do we use an external training provider? Increasingly, more firms are utilising external training providers, due to the benefits associated with such an approach… …