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People or Process and Managing Your Bias

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We’ve all met them. The manager who rarely gives praise, fails to develop their team’s skills and always wants the current task completed yesterday. Just as frustratingly, we can find ourselves in a team where tasks are rarely completed effectively, given sufficient planning and preparation time or given sufficient drive to move projects forward. What we’re encountering are alternative sides of the people | process coin. Naturally, as human beings we have a tendency to gravitate towards one style at the expense of the other. You may be someone focused on the task, with little thought given to the employees who you are giving responsibility to. Or you may be someone who invests in people first but whom has a poor …

Building In-house Training

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Training your employees to do the best possible job they can as well as help them polish their skill sets to remain competitive members of the workforce is important to any company that wishes to see booming success. In house training provides an avenue for businesses to help show their employees that their continual growth is important to them while also building a stronger and greater team. But where do you even begin when you start to design your training program? Training for In-house Managers Addressing the “W”s Before any tactics or methods of training can be discussed, you must sit down and write down (this is not mandatory but highly recommended) what you want to reap from the in …

5 Tactics To Boost Your In-house Training

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Improve Your In house Training In-house training can be tedious, especially if it is full of the same old routine. Much like any other learning, the information presented will most likely retained far better if your in house training provides an engaging means of presenting and learning the information. Here are five great tactics to help improve and invigorate your in house training. In-house Training: 5 Tactics #1: Virtual Simulations Simulations allow for a hands-on, computer based approach to applying skills that an employee has just learned in training. By using a business eLearning program, employees will encounter environments with the same obstacles, challenges, and characteristics as the ones they would face in the office. This also allows for your …

3 Quick Ways To Improve In-house Training

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In house training offers a variety of different benefits for you and your company. From increasing productivity within your team to giving your staff and employees the best and most competitive tools and skills to perform their jobs, the benefits you can reap are endless.  Tips to Improve In house Training However, how can you improve your in house training in order to optimize these benefits? Here are three simple tips on how to quickly improve your in house training. #1 Use time to your advantage One age old saying that still applies very aptly to not only life in general, but more specifically to business is, “Time is money”. Managing your time and your employees’ time is an important …

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Social Media and In-house Training Courses

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Recently submitted thoughts on an article I discovered in Forbes magazine. The article shares how Dell are making social media the cornerstone of customer engagement and have invested in developing the skills of over 3,000 of their employees to implement this strategy. I was struck by the size of this investment and the step change in how major companies see the future of customer service. In house Customer Service Training Potentially, a range of in-house training courses could help businesses meet their own customer service strategies. Further thoughts on this at my blog over at trainingzone by Carl Duncker