Management Styles: How To Manage Well

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What are the traits of a good manager? Effective managers are able to adapt and change their management style. Whilst we may have a default setting, being able to choose different management styles is a crucial skill for effective management. Good managers adapt their style to fit the employee and the task or circumstances at hand. This article on how to manage well explores the differences between those managers which do this effectively, and those which don’t. Taking an employees perspective, you’ll be asked to think about, ‘what makes a good manager?’ By the end of this article, you will understand how your ability, or inability, to move away from your default management style will determine your success as a …

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Line Management and Feedback

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As a line manager, how do you motivate the individuals in your team? Motivation and Feedback For staff to become motivated, they require ongoing and consistent recognition and feedback. As a line manager, you are the representation of the working culture in your team. The environment in which team members work should be appreciative, welcoming and supportive. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In this short blog on motivation through feedback, you’ll learn simple and effective quick wins that will help motivate your team. You’ll explore a actions you can take to deliver feedback to your team whilst avoiding the pitfalls of getting it wrong. Effective line management understands that each and every touch point with their direct reports …