Management Styles: How To Manage Well

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What are the traits of a good manager? Effective managers are able to adapt and change their management style. Whilst we may have a default setting, being able to choose different management styles is a crucial skill for effective management. Good managers adapt their style to fit the employee and the task or circumstances at hand. This article on how to manage well explores the differences between those managers which do this effectively, and those which don’t. Taking an employees perspective, you’ll be asked to think about, ‘what makes a good manager?’ By the end of this article, you will understand how your ability, or inability, to move away from your default management style will determine your success as a …

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How To Delegate Effectively

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Delegating effectively is a core management skill, and is particularly important for successful line management. Employees across UK businesses regularly feedback that they fail to receive clear communication or support when delegated to, leaving them frustrated, demotivated and confused. The good news is that practicing effective delegation is surprisingly simple. The ability to delegate effectively opens up opportunities for a line manager to achieve better outcomes whilst expending less time and energy. There is a tried and tested process for delegating that can help you be a more effective line manager. This brief article on delegation will cover the following four points: What is delegation? How to delegate What good delegation looks like What poor delegation looks like 1. What …

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People or Process and Managing Your Bias

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We’ve all met them. The manager who rarely gives praise, fails to develop their team’s skills and always wants the current task completed yesterday. Just as frustratingly, we can find ourselves in a team where tasks are rarely completed effectively, given sufficient planning and preparation time or given sufficient drive to move projects forward. What we’re encountering are alternative sides of the people | process coin. Naturally, as human beings we have a tendency to gravitate towards one style at the expense of the other. You may be someone focused on the task, with little thought given to the employees who you are giving responsibility to. Or you may be someone who invests in people first but whom has a poor …

Change Management

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This article will attempt to provide you with an outline of the process of change management and how you can strive to emulate it and implement it in your corporation. Change management is defined as the approach to adopt if you are looking to gradually transition individuals or teams into a new way of working. It can also refer to a time when project management may be looking to formally introduce and subsequently, have approved, changes to a project, such as the editing of a strategy. With the rapid introduction of new innovations and technology in the modern business environment, there comes an equally as quick change in the way organisations have to operate. All aspects of the business have …