Management Skills Launched via Udemy

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We are delighted to announce that all our core management skills are now available as online learning modules on Udemy. This allows for a blended learning approach to your training needs with clients receiving the relevant modules free when they hire an external trainer. The courses cover the ‘knowledge’ element of these core management and people development skills using HD video with professional narration and quizzes which test learning. Additionally, all courses come with MP3 to download, a full student manual and mind maps and cheat sheets. Communication Skills Training The first e-learning course to launch is Communication Skills: How To Improve Your Communication Skills In One Day. From an initial overview the course covers verbal and non-verbal communication skills, …

Modular Management Training

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Management Training Courses and Blended Learning People do not buy products – they buy solutions to problems. So the old saying goes. Training is no different as I discovered this week. Eager to find a management training solution for his restaurant business, we have been helping a client find a training solution to his management problem. Although we advertise a variety of management courses we are, of course, flexible to customer demand. And it really is the customer where we should start. Offering a training course can only ever be a reflection of what we believe to be a customer need but nothing more. Management Team Modules So, our client had the following training needs for his team: – team …

Management Training Demystified

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Management Training Courses and New Managers This article will discuss selecting a management training course, how they improve your skills and how you can benefit as a line manager. If you have responsibility for managing people but are yet to invest in line management training you are not alone. Often, well-thought of employees receive promotion as they pursue a career and with it comes the responsibility of managing others. However, more often than not, these highly-regarded employees lack experience in motivating others to complete tasks successfully. It is not through a lack of the will to do well simply that they are being placed in a role which requires a different skill-set to their previous position. Previously, someone who is …

Inhouse management training courses

Training Blog: In-house Management Training

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We are often asked to customise content for our inhouse training courses. This can be from tailoring course content and case studies to writing a course from scratch. We also deliver our standard courses without alteration for a fixed and transparent investment. I’ve just finished a blog on this pricing approach on the trainingzone website. In house Training Costs Should you have an in-house training enquiry in management or marketing please help us to understand your needs by forwarding your details to us via the form below: [contact_form] by Carl Duncker