Train the Trainer Courses

Train the Trainer

One-day “Train the Trainer” courses are available through Traininaday Training; theses courses will empower trainers within your organisation to lead their own training programs in the most effective ways, to the benefit of your employees and your business and as whole.

What are “Train the Trainer” Courses?

Courses about training trainersTrain the Trainer courses provided by Traininaday are one-day courses designed to teach people effective ways of designing and delivering training programs of their own. As training in organisations can often occur informally – undertaken by managers, supervisors or mentors – as well as through formal inhouse training schemes, there is a great deal of scope for many people to gain invaluable skills and insights from Train the Trainer courses. These insights should not just bring benefits to the individual trainer undertaking the course, but also to your organisation as a whole.

What are the Benefits of Training Trainers?

Utilising the skills and expertise of Traininaday to train the trainers within your company should yield a number of benefits. Firstly, trainers will learn practical skills relating to…

  • Assessing the training needs of a work force
  • How to design training programs that are well-structured, with relevant objectives, that will be of meaningful and practical benefit to staff
  • Ways of delivering training sessions that ensures the material is communicated in an effective, interesting, and enjoyable way
  • Facilitating the involvement and contribution of all those participating on a training scheme
By using skills in the above areas, trainers in your organisation should therefore be able to pass on benefits to the organisation as a whole, including:
  • An improvement in staff’s attitude towards training
  • Increased likelihood of  training yielding a tangible benefit to your organisation
  • Improved employee motivation and productivity
  • All of which should contribute to an improvement in your company’s profitability

Varieties of Train the Trainer Courses

Traininaday Training offers a range of Train the Trainer Courses covering the key elements of what it means to be an effective trainer. Our courses include topics such as…

  • Training design: Learn the most effective ways to develop training programs
  • Training facilitation: Discover techniques and skills that will encourage staff to engage in the training process
  • Training evaluation: Learn how to identify the skills and skill gaps in your workforce, enabling you to design training that is relevant, whilst also learning vital skills to evaluate the success of your training
All of the above adds up to training trainers in your organisation being a hugely beneficial course of action. So don’t delay: have a look at the courses we offer in more detail and see for yourself how vital train the trainer schemes are.


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