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Welcome to Train in a Day, where we offer a fresh approach to management training. Our courses use activities, games, and materials to engage your managers and motivate your team. We're your reliable partner for building thriving, high-performing teams by unlocking your employee's potential, boosting productivity, and fostering motivation.

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Cure The Pain of Poor Management

Unlock a thriving workplace with our Management Training. Experience the transformative power of our one-day program, where managers gain the skills to enhance communication with their team, boost morale, and cultivate a positive team culture. With improved engagement, team members understand their roles clearly. Boosted morale and motivation inspire employees to collaborate and boost productivity. A culture of collaboration, openness and trust fosters growth. Discover the key to unlocking a harmonious, motivated, and thriving organisation. Read on...


Boosted motivation inspire employees to excel by igniting a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. When employees feel valued, recognised, and encouraged, their commitment to their work deepens. This newfound passion drives them to surpass their own expectations and seek out opportunities for growth and improvement. Employees are not only willing but eager to put in their best efforts, resulting in increased productivity, better problem-solving, and a stronger sense of pride in their contributions to the team.


Engagement ensures everyone understands their roles by providing clear expectations, standards and objectives. When team members know what is expected of them, it eliminates confusion and ambiguity. This clarity allows team members to focus on their tasks, make informed decisions, and align their efforts with the broader team goals. In turn, this facilitates a more efficient and productive work environment where each employee knows their part in contributing to the company's success.

Team Culture

Create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas, working together seamlessly, and embracing improvement. This culture fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support, driving both personal and professional development. It paves the way for the organisation to adapt, evolve, and achieve its goals with unified and enthusiastic teams.

Transform Their Skills Quickly With Engaging Training Courses

Welcome to our dynamic management training courses, where we revolutionise learning. Say goodbye to the boredom of traditional methods, and hello to engaging activities, immersive games, cool scenarios and gentle role plays. Our active learning approach redefines skill development, ensuring managers and employees thrive in the modern workplace. Join us to unleash their potential.

Your Training Box | SkillsBx

We offer a unique way of learning. Before our training sessions, every learner receives a carefully prepared box of training materials called SkillsBx. These materials include engaging activities and games that bring learning to life, making it an interactive and memorable experience. This hands-on approach not only improves understanding but also helps retain valuable knowledge and skills. With our training materials, you'll be well-prepared to actively participate in your learning journey, making each session dynamic and transformative.
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online management training course

Our approach provides engaging, hands-on learning materials in advance of online sessions for a dynamic and transformative learning experience.

More Than A Training Course

It's a Management Development Journey

Skills Assessments

Do you want to know where you stand in terms of your knowledge? Skills Assessments can help you do just that. With our assessments, you can discover your current knowledge against a benchmark and understand your current strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you can complete the course and compare your knowledge against your pre-course ability. You'll be able to see your progression as you learn. So why not sign up for a course today? You may be surprised at how much you learn.

Engaging Training Courses

Our courses promise online and in-house training that are engaging and effective. Our course materials are designed to involve managers in real workplace scenarios, which research shows promotes learning retention. Each course is written by an experienced management trainer and includes activities that will keep managers alert and engaged. With our engaging materials, you can be confident that your managers will receive high-quality, effective training.

Post-Course Support App

Our post-course support app is the perfect way to keep your employees on track after attending a training course. A trainer will be available to them for thirty days, plus they'll have access to our post-learning training app - a growing library of videos that deliver management strategies to support their training and aid learning retention. With our ongoing support, your employees will be able to successfully apply what they've learned in their training programs and continue growing as professionals.

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Training Boxes

Our unique approach to training includes sending every manager or employee a specialised training box before the online sessions. Each box contains engaging activities and items that bring the training to life, creating a multi-dimensional experience and enhancing knowledge retention.

Group Learning

Group learning, whether managers within the same company or a diverse international group, enhance learning through collaborative discussions, diverse perspectives, and real-world problem-solving. Foster critical thinking, collaboration and professional growth with group learning.

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We deliver expertise in three key areas. Our experienced trainers, combined with two decades of global manager training, allow us to craft engaging materials and deliver top-notch learning interventions, leveraging professional voiceovers and materials for an unmatched educational experience.

Management Training Courses

With two decades of experience, we specialise in delivering transformative management training courses. Our expertise thrives on three pillars: seasoned trainers, 20 years of global management training experience, and crafting engaging materials. These elements ensure engaging, quality training. In-house options bring teams together, enabling them to address specific challenges while fostering open discussion. Our hands-on approach equips managers and employees to excel in the dynamic business environment.

Fantastic Teams

Unlock the potential of your team with a one-day team building course! Get ready to empower and equip your managers through interactive lessons taught by industry experts. This impactful experience will give them the skills they need to become powerful recruits, so you can take your team's success even further!

Team Training

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Manager Training

Take the first step towards upskilling your managers potential, improving productivity and managing conflict - our one-day management training! Guided by experienced trainers, line managers can learn invaluable skills to manage their staff in a way that increases productivity. Whether learning individually or remotely as a team, you can be sure of an interactive experience with practical guidance on how to get the best out of people.

Management Training

Upgrade how your managers lead their people with one of our management training courses. Our expert trainers bring their best tips and tricks giving them all they need to be a successful line manager. From hands-on activities to navigating complex people challenges, they'll come away equipped with valuable problem-solving skills.

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Expert Trainers

Our seasoned trainers are the bedrock of our expertise, each possessing a wealth of industry experience and knowledge honed over years of hands-on involvement. Their practical insights and deep understanding of management intricacies ensure that learners receive guidance that is not only informative but also highly relevant to the real-world.


With two decades of dedicated practice, we've cultivated unparalleled management training experience. Having delivered our courses to diverse teams worldwide, we've fine-tuned our approach to meet the evolving needs of businesses on a global scale. Our track record exemplifies our commitment to excellence in managerial development.


Crafting engaging materials is an art form that we've perfected over the years. Our team designs content that is not just informative but also interactive and stimulating. We understand that learning is most effective when it's engaging, and our materials are thoughtfully created to make the training experience both captivating and unforgettable.

Public Online Training

Learn the key skills in managing staff

Learn at your own pace

Looking for a cost-effective way to improve your managerial skills? Check out our online training courses! Our group learning environment is perfect for busy professionals, and our engaging content keeps you interested and motivated. Plus, our courses are designed to help you learn key skills in managing a team. So why wait? Start improving your career today!

Learn as part of an online group

Engaging online learning keeps you engaged

More affordable and more effective!

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Inhouse Teams via Zoom

Looking to equip your managers with the skills they need to manage people in your workplace? Inhouse Training can help! Our experienced trainers will host a one-day training session for your team, giving them the key skills they need to manage and lead others successfully. This is an more cost-effective option than sending employees to individual training courses, and it's a great way to learn as a team. Plus, training sessions are available via Zoom, so participants can learn from anywhere.

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Learn as a team

Gain key skills in managing people in the workplace

Save money and get more from your training budget

4 - 8 managers per training session

Join from anywhere via Zoom

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Inhouse Teams 

Empower your management team with the essential skills to effectively lead and inspire in your workplace! Opt for our Onsite Inhouse Training, where our seasoned trainers will conduct a comprehensive one-day session. This solution ensures a cost-effective approach compared to sending individuals to external courses and fosters team cohesion through shared learning experiences. Our training courses are delivered onsite at your organisation's office, accommodating teams of up to 12 managers. This exclusive offering is available throughout Greater London and Greater Manchester.
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Learn as a team

Gain key skills in managing people in the workplace

Save money and get more from your training budget

4 - 12 managers per training session


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Why choose Train in a Day Courses?

Boost your team's skills with the best-value training company in the UK

Value for Money

Looking for a cost-effective way to train your managers? Look no further! We train your managers, with pre-learning activities and post-learning support, at an unbeatable price. So don't delay!

No Hidden Costs

We don't charge hidden extras such as accommodation and travel costs, so you can be sure you're getting great value for money. Plus, your managers receive pre-learning and post-learning training support too, so they can make the most of our courses.

Training Experts

Looking for engaging and experienced trainers to deliver management training? With qualified trainers, we can help you get your team up to speed quickly and effectively. So why wait? Contact us today to book your training course.

A Fair and Clear Approach to Training Courses

FREE Course Booklets

Professionally printed colour booklets accompany your training course.

FREE Pre-Training

Your managers receive training videos, learning activity or a self-assessment.

We Host Your Team

Our trainers deliver engaging training activities with your team, via Zoom.

Inhouse Training

Your team develop their skills using activities, role-plays and games.

FREE Course Support

Access to our skills app from the UK's best-value training company. Launching 2024

No Docs Charges

Professional course booklets for every employee at no extra cost.

No Hotel Charges

If a trainer needs accommodation to deliver your course - it's our responsibility - not yours.

No Travel Charges

Our training team cover most of England. If we can come to you, you won't be charged for travel.

No Hidden Charges

The price you are quoted is the price you pay. No surprises. No bills for pens or sweets.

Banish PowerPoint

Save your employees from the misery of PowerPoint and lead them to engaging training activities.

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“This was the most engaging course I’ve ever experienced!” Publications Manager, Northumbria University

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Train in a Day is the leading UK training provider specialising in management and leadership. From our humble beginnings as an in-house training company, we have grown into one of the nation's most trusted providers of corporate education.

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    Engaging management training courses

    Inhouse Training

    Our in-house management training offers a team approach, allowing managers and team members to learn collaboratively as a cohesive unit. This approach provides a distinct advantage as it enables participants to openly share their specific challenges with our expert trainer in complete confidentiality. This environment fosters in-depth discussions and facilitates the exchange of diverse perspectives among the learners. In-house teams have the flexibility to reserve a dedicated day for their collective learning experience, enhancing the synergy within the group and addressing their unique needs.