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Discover What Makes Good Customer Service, Practical Insights Into How To Improve Your Customer Service, And How To Transform Difficult Customer Situations Into Opportunities


Companies that offer consistently high customer service gain competitive advantage, yet with customers expecting more from companies, maintaining exceptional customer service standards requires exceptional employee performance. This customer skills course focuses on the key principles, attitudes and skills that are vital for delivering constant quality in customer service. This customer service training delivers a combination of classroom and on-line activities to offer a blended learning solution. Students receive the core customer service learning via short video tutorials followed by classroom exercises, feedback and role plays led by our trainer. Learning is reinforced through such an approach, creates added-value and delivers return on investment. The customer service skills that your employees will bring back to the workplace are:

  • Explain the difference between meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations
  • How to balance competence and care in service
  • How to build customer relationships and loyalty
  • Projecting a professional image in face-to-face encounters, telephone and email
  • Secure a positive, customer-focused attitude in all situations
  • Understand customer service behavioural styles and consequences
  • How to handle complaints


Your team members will complete pre-learning content as a pre-requisite to the customer service training. These short exercises are provided below for completion prior to the classroom course.

Take a look at this video in how not to deliver exceptional customer service:

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Pre-Learning Activity: Customer Service and Communicating the Brand
This exercise will get you to think about how organisations communicate and how the organisation communicates its brand to the outside world.


During your inhouse customer service skills training course, your employees will complete their skills training with a clear understanding of the importance of delivering exceptional customer-service, and the skills and confidence to deliver high customer service standards across face-to-face, telephone and online effectively. A standard customer service training course covers the following aims and outcomes:

• To deliver improvements in customer service within the workplace.

Following this customer service skills course, employees’ will be able to:
• Understand and describe what excellent customer service looks like.
• Be able to recognise the barriers that hinder effective customer service.
• Acquire the skills needed to deliver exceptional customer service.
• Identify areas for improvement in order to promote service excellence.

Classroom Activities
Classroom exercises in customer service disciplines incorporate interactive learning interventions to practice customer service skills and develop key learning points within the comfort of your classroom environment.

The Importance of Customer Service
Explore pre-learning
Receive questions

Questioning To Gain Understanding
Game: Customer Service Challenge
This exercise will explore how to ask a mixture of open and closed questions in order to gain a clear and accurate understanding of any situation

Internal Customer Service Challenges
Exercise: Customer Service Barriers
A group exercise to highlight significant barriers to delivering effective internal customer service and identify how to eliminate them.

Customer Perspectives
Exercise: Perceptions: A training exercise in customer experiences and how to capture the actions which create lasting impressions with our customers.

Managing Difficult Customers
Exercise: Dealing with Difficult Customers: A group exercise to highlight challenging customer behaviours and effective ways of managing them

Complaint Handling
Exercise: Addressing Complaints: In this group exercise, team members examine common complaint scenarios and explore how these can be managed successfully

Post-learning Customer Service Training

You’ll deliver your fine-tuned customer service skills when you return back to your workplace where you will draw upon your in-house training. Thankfully, we’ve an app for that. Your customer service skills are available from your mobile phone or tablet in handy 60-seconds videos. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you’re only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful ‘bite-sized’ recall of your customer skills training.

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Helen Hinds - inhouse service trainerYour Customer Service Trainer

Your trainer for this course is: Helen Hinds MCIPD.

Both commercial and public sector firms have benefited from receiving customer service skills training from Helen Hinds. As a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Helen has empowered many organisations to deliver a high quality customer experience, leading to strong and positive customer relationships.

Having written an impressive portfolio of customer service courses for line managers, Helen brings a unique wealth of experience and insight to this customer service skills training course.

We deliver blended learning starting with online video classes which share proven customer service techniques. Next, learners receive a facilitated customer service skills training workshop. Lasting more than 6 hours, the core of the day is experiencing training activities in customer service, led by a qualified trainer, including role plays, games, and problem solving. Get in touch with a training consultant and see how we can develop your customer service team with this inhouse training.
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