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People or Process and Managing Your Bias

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We’ve all met them. The manager who rarely gives praise, fails to develop their team’s skills and always wants the current task completed yesterday. Just as frustratingly, we can find ourselves in a team where tasks are rarely completed effectively, given sufficient planning and preparation time or given sufficient drive to move projects forward.

What we’re encountering are alternative sides of the people | process coin. Naturally, as human beings we have a tendency to gravitate towards one style at the expense of the other. You may be someone focused on the task, with little thought given to the employees who you are giving responsibility to. Or you may be someone who invests in people first but whom has a poor track record of completing tasks, on-time and to budget.

Effective Management

Effective managers understand their management bias and adapt their approach to deliver the optimum management style – an equal mix of people and process.

Managers which can consider and address both sides of the coin are more likely to have an engaged team whilst completed the projects necessary to develop the business.

So how can you begin to understand where your management bias is? It’s certainly possible that you have a hunch but. in the remainder of this article, we are going to show you how to know the extent to which your bias is prevailing.

Your Management Style Questionnaire

Please begin by completing the self-assessment management style questionnaire below.

Download Management Style Questionnaire

In the above, you’ll answer a series of 20 management questions before marking your score on the people/process matrix.

New Manager Training

This exercise forms part of our Introduction to Management Training Course.

During this training day, you’ll receive feedback on your management style mix and tips on how to be a more effective manager.

The management course for beginners, is delivered as an inhouse management training event, on-site and with your team.

Beyond Management Styles

So are you ready to nurture your management style and become an effective manager?

All our management courses are available as inhouse training for teams of upto 12.